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08-30-2009, 07:25 PM
Dear Everyone,
I'd like to write a bit about something that has at least been a part of this forum, subliminally: the Celts. Karen has researched them, natch, and I have been studying them for a couple of years, on my own. (Can't afford to go back to school on Celtic Studies, so I did something about it.)
I think I told this forum when introducing myself that I already had something of a love for this a long time ago(had a HUGE crush on Scotty in 'Star Trek'). Then, my family and I went to the Highland Games at Grandfather Mountain, in North Carolina, my home state--and the die was struck.
It began innocently enough with bagpipe music. I bought a record of the Edinburgh Tattoo, what year I don't remember, though I was in my teens to early twenties when this happened. I played that thing to death, nearly driving my family crazy! :arghhh: :wwink:
Then I bought a book by Tom Dietz: WINDMASTER'S BANE, about a 16-year old boy who receives the Second Sight--and adventures galore--when he accidentally stumbles upon Lugh and the Sidhe at their Riding...in the state of Georgia.
That did it.
I bought every book Tom Dietz wrote, and began to dream of Eire. I bought books on the Celts, went to a class on them at the Smithsonian Institution, and bought several dictionaries and grade-level books on Irish.
When the opportunity arose for me to go to Ireland, on a tour with folklorist and banjo player Mick Moloney, I went.
I visited Bronze Age sites, often subduing my fear of falling(I am no good as a hiker!):cry: and was rewarded by my little attempt at bravery by scaling the hill at Inishmore to see Dun Aenghus, a Bronze Age fort dating 5,000 years--with artifacts older than that having been found at the site(try doubling that age!). I was able to shock Deirdre, our guide, by reading the inscription plate at the fort and translating it (roughly)from Irish.
I was able to listen to music as it pertained to each region, and met an old man at Glemcolumbcille who I've corresponded with for years--though last year I got no message: he was in his eighties when I met him, so I fear he has gone on.
When the opportunity arose for me to go to Scotland, I took that, too. I don't regret a bit of it.
There is so much out there yet about the Celts I would know--so I keep abreast of any new archaeological discoveries that come up.
They were creative, endlessly curious, boastful, proud, fierce, and a deeply passionate people. Their descendants still are. Their art is a master of subtlety and skill, using their observation and love of nature. They were restless, wanderers, ever seeking the next horizon.
I love them, and always will.
Hugs and love,

08-30-2009, 07:38 PM
I enjoyed reading your post. As a descendent of Scotch Ulsters, I have been privileged to hear wonderful Celtic folklore stories as told to me by my maternal grandmother. I think one of the reasons I so love Karen's stories is the wealth of research on Celtic folklore Karen has utilized in the world she has created in her books. I also married a Celt whose family was originally from Cornwall, England.

You have been fortunate to experience some wonderful Celtic events. I have traveled all over Scotland and England, but I have not had the pleasure of visiting Ireland, yet. I look forward to making that trip one day and visiting the Ulster village from which so many of my ancestors originated.

Thanks again for your fun post!

Scottish Heart
08-30-2009, 07:50 PM
This is a little self-indulgence that I came across sometime ago.

This is a free podshow (via iTunes) and their website celticmythpodshow.com. Gary and Ruth are also on Facebook where they will send updates to you about their show. It's full of celtic myth and legends. The began with the Tuatha da Danaan in Ireland and are continuing with Welsh mythology and legends. They also feature some wonderful celtic music and poetry as well as seasonal specials.

Their website also contains background information and links to other interesting sites both for research purposes and artistic purposes. Check them out - they sound like super people!!

08-30-2009, 09:01 PM
Dear Scottish Heart,
Thanks so much for this--it's just what I wanted. This will help me keep abreast of stuff and hear the old tales again. Thank you, thank you!
Jill, it is I who should be thanking you...connections such as these are truly precious to me. It keeps the memories of my journeys fresh and me yearning for new adventures.
I am humbled by the people I meet in this forum. I am deeply grateful for being a part of it.
Love and hugs,

09-01-2009, 09:58 AM
Hi Ladies. I am currently studying Celtic Mythology (that's what happens when your professors let you choose your own topic). You all seem wonderfully knowledgeable. Thank you for the information about the podcast.

09-05-2009, 03:44 PM
Dear Everyone,
There is a great three-part(how apt--the Celts had a thing for threes) series called THE CELTS I got to see, narrated by Frank Delaney, with music by Enya. Very good, and in parts, very eerie...I loved it.
Amazon sells it, if anyone is interested. Or, if you can, get it at the library!
Hugs and love,