View Full Version : Creativity and the Fever Series

09-07-2009, 03:55 AM
At the risk of falling into the realm of psycho-babble, psycho analysis or just plain intrusion, I decided to post this for comments from everyone.

After suffering from my umpteenth headache; going ‘round & ‘round on theories – who’s who or what, foreshadowing, re-reading the Fever series And the Highlanders and still not coming up with conclusive answers, I started to think there must be something I’m missing (um, ya think? sharp as a tack as always :wwub:). So I started to ponder, “Why this story” and “what does it mean?” That brought me around to KMM herself. Any book is a reflection in some way of their creator. Isn’t it ironic that the “ultimate” and personified evil is a Book? That book, has taken over our heroines’ life! I thought about all the pressures on an author to perform. Deadlines, editing of your thoughts and/ or feelings, not to mention a (wonderful) fan base that has quite high expectations are just some things that add anxiety. On top of that (as if that’s not enough), the author has to battle and rise above a disease. Could this be the key to the characters and the series? Could Mac’s journey somehow emulate that of Karen’s?

I know I don’t know Karen personally so there will always be questions for me, which is part of the fun for an author. As a person who writes as a catharsis, I admire KMM for her abilities & honesty and wish her all the best. The ride is great!