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02-03-2010, 08:31 PM
TTAHW....I am rereading this book, i found this on page 155 pb.

"The spirit recovers faster if the humors rest undisterbed, You see, there are four humors and three spirits."

i founf the 4 humors, but whatare the 3 spirits? is it saying the doc believed the body has 3 spirits?

Humour and Temperament
The four humours are perceived within the blood using each of the four Elements in turn.
As shown in Figure 1:

The melancholic humour (Gk. melanchole = black bile) corresponds to Earth
the phlegmatic humour (Gk. phlegma = phlegm) corresponds to Water
the choleric humour (Gk. chole = bile) corresponds to Fire
the sanguine humour (L. sanguineous = bloody) corresponds to Air.
Each humour has its own temperament in terms of hot, cold, wet and dry, and is traditionally ruled by different Planets, according to their sympathetic natures. For example, Jupiter is associated with the hot and moist, muggy atmosphere before a thunderstorm, so therefore rules the hot and moist sanguine humour. As already discussed, scientific medicine, in following a chemical definition of an element as a unit of material composition, has lost all sight of what is described by these powerful symbols.


Would the 3 spirits be father, son and holy ghost? Or spirits past, present, and future?