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claudia celestial girl
08-31-2007, 05:32 PM
I told you there was going to be 30 seconds of me on this History Channel program, called MegaDisasters, but that I'm supposed to come on at the end and talk about the real science of comets. At least that's what the producer said at the time. Here's what he says now:

The following comments are my own, made as an independent, freelance producer, writer and director; they do not reflect or represent the opinions of any other party.

THANK YOU, once again, for your very generous assistance. As the producer, writer and director of this programme, I have tried to make it as much a science documentary as the pre-established—and admittedly sensational—format and the network have allowed. One of my principal goals has been to represent your research and opinions accurately, in text and context.

As you may know already, the “Comet Catastrophe” episode has been selected as the series’ season premiere episode, to be broadcast TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th, at 22:00.

Important Clarification

Today, THE HISTORY CHANNEL has published the mini-website devoted to this season of the series “Mega Disasters.” Just in case you visit said website, please allow me these important clarifications:

Neither I nor the production company—my client—XXXXXXXX Productions have any control over the editorial or visual content of the website.
In my professional opinion, the video clip (Flash9 teaser montage sequence) posted on the website to promote COMET is mediocre and misleading. Our documentary is NOT about fear and doom. It was my objective (particularly as the writer) NOT to be sensational—or minimise the level of sensationalism requested by the network to a minimum—and to include sound, interesting, relevant and well argued scientific information about these fascinating subjects i.e., cometary astrophysics and cosmogenic impact research.
Furthermore, again in my opinion, as of today (Aug.30.07) the entire series mini-website is carelessly composed, of very poor overall editorial, stylistic and technical quality, and it includes inaccurate, contradictory and outdated information.
I say this because I regret the fact that a programme to which you have contributed should be presented in such an inadequate context.
Naturally, I have already sent my specific comments and corrections to the appropriate departments. I can only hope they are actually acknowledged and implemented. My contractually official engagement for this project concluded weeks ago, but I feel compelled to watch over the accurate representation of the programme.

That said, I will welcome and appreciate your comments and critiques, once you have had the chance to view the entire documentary.

I actually never watch myself on TV, so I won't be watching this, nor looking on the website. But I told you that they were going to try to make more out of the disaster aspect than I felt was appropriate, just for the commercial aspect of it. The producer warned me of it before we filmed, but said he was going to keep it real.

Just so you know.

08-31-2007, 05:54 PM
Why does everyone have to make it gloom and doom? Weather people do it too. Most of the human population is intelligent enough to understand, so why not just give it to us straight and let us make our own conclusions. That's the pits!

08-31-2007, 06:14 PM
It's TV, even if it's the History Channel it's still TV and they do what they can to get ratings and viewers, it's what brings in ads. and money. Hopefully, they didn't change everything, otherwise they'll just be selling lies.

08-31-2007, 06:29 PM
For better of worse I'm not likely to see it over here but it sounds really frustrating/annoying Claudia. Hope your next close encounter with the media is more rewarding.

08-31-2007, 07:02 PM
Don't you love Hollywood Claudia they sensationalize everything. I will still check you out though!