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Thread: 9/23 Karen Faefever Chat Transcript & Notes Thread

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    Exclamation 9/23 Karen Faefever Chat Transcript & Notes Thread

    Because so many of us took screenshots or copied & pasted, we figured having 1 thread with all the info would be better than flooding the forum with it all LOL This way it's more organized, & we can discuss a certain topic in a separate thread, like what we normally do. Chat went fast. We can all share.

    If anyone else is ready with their chat transcript or notes, please post them here.

    You did a great job, Leiha! I know we were pretty crazy LOL

    Thank you for doing this, Karen. We love all the info you give us, & we love hearing about you.

    Edit: corrected stuff based on the other posts here. Thanks!!

    Bold = question & answer.
    Italics = Karen responding to a comment in the chat.
    Rest is random stuff

    7:06 PM [Leiha] I told them they could say hi but then calm down Karen, LOL
    7:06 PM [Karen Marie] Hi everyone and thanks for coming!!!
    7:06 PM [Leiha] they promised to be good and let you get oriented.
    7:07 PM [Leiha] Let's jump right into the questions.
    7:07 PM [Karen Marie] What happened to your phone, Leiha? Been trying to call...
    7:07 PM [Leiha] I wondered why you didn't call, I don't know, It's right next to me.
    7:07 PM [Karen Marie] Try calling me
    7:07 PM [Leiha] damn verizon!
    7:07 PM [Karen Marie] I'm ready for questions, be gentle, LOL

    7:08 PM [Leiha] Melissa asks: Will we get the back story about how the Book came to be in the Abbey, how it was guarded, how the seer's protected themselves from being corrupted by it, how it got out of the Abbey and where it has been for these past twenty-some years?

    7:08 PM [Karen Marie] Oh, yes, and it's a whopper
    7:09 PM [Karen Marie] Just that there's a lot of depth and richness to the story

    7:08 PM [Leiha] I'm asking all of the questions

    7:09 PM [Leiha] Lin asks: Have you driven a Viper, and if so was Mac's description of the driving experience, your experience?

    7:09 PM [Karen Marie] Yes, I've driven a Viper and no, my experience was that my prior boyfriend was actually way MORE satisfying, LOL

    Some of us ask Karen about the condition of her health.
    7:10 PM [Karen Marie] I'm good, thanks for asking!

    7:10 PM [Leiha] Latina Lass asks: I've been a fan for at least a 4 years or so. I love Faefever. The series so far has been a wild ride. So, my question to you is a little personal one. Do you have siblings? In particular a sister. I have a sister who is 6 years older than me and we are very close. She is my only sibling. The relationship that you describe in the Fever series between Mac and Alina remind me of my sister and I. Even down to the nick names that she and I call each other and no one else does. The pages that were sent to Mac in Faefever got me really emotional. The thoughts that were going through Alina's mind were so genuine. I ask about the relationship, because not all sisters are close and you captured that fierce sisterly bond. Thank you for your time and I can't wait to hear from you during chat tomorrow!

    7:10 PM [melissa] You are the queen of answering without out answering aren't you? Is that something you practice?? LOL
    7:11 PM [Leiha] LOL melissa

    7:11 PM [Karen Marie] Hi Latina Lass! Yes I have two sisters and we're very close and I don't ever want to imagine life without them.

    7:12 PM [Karen Marie] Not the way I feel today (about the much older part, LOL)

    7:12 PM [Leiha] Carrie asks: Why are your Fever books shorter?

    7:12 PM [Leiha] please hold your pms until I ask.
    7:13 PM [Leiha] you shouldn't get kicked out.

    7:13 PM [Karen Marie] They actually aren't. All my Highlander books were roughly 95-100,000 words. Faefever came in at about 105,000. A lot of book packaging is deceptive. How much white space the publisher uses, thinner paper for cheaper shipping, ergo larger publisher profits. I don't know why people keep thinking they're shorter. They're not.

    7:13 PM [Leiha] Karen did you see Carrie's question? Why are your fever books shorter?
    7:13 PM [Karen Marie] I'm a sloooow typer, you know that Leiha LOL
    7:14 PM [Leiha] LOL just making sure.
    7:14 PM [deadman] printing font changes the physical size as well
    7:14 PM [Karen Marie] Yes, deadman it does. What a name btw

    7:14 PM [Leiha] Nancy asks: Karen I have read your blog, your note at the end of Faefever, and your response in the rape thread on the message boards. I know that the rape scene had purpose in your story. Moreover, I myself had an insightful journey due to the above materials. However, I wondered if you ever worry about alienating readers from the Fever series or your books in general. I took the time out to get the story behind the rape but not all of your readers are going to do that and I thought it must be really hard on an author to know that they have a scene that is crucial to their story but may cause readers to stop buying their books. How do you handle it?

    7:15 PM [Karen Marie] I said this in a recent, smaller chat at another board. I look at it this way: No matter what I write (or any author writes) some people will love the book, some will "meh" it, and some will despise it. Period. Even if I tried to sit down and write the most universally pleasing, inoffensive, politically correct book, I would still fail to please everyone. All I can do at the end of the day is be true to my muse. The moment I alter my writing to please "X" over here, "Y" over there will get angry with me and if I change it to make "Y" happy, then "Z" will write to tell me he used to be my biggest fan but he hates what "Y" likes. So I tell the stories I have to tell and take none of it personally. Not even when some people try to make it personal.
    7:16 PM [Karen Marie] Itís honestly the only way a writer can handle the job, imho

    7:16 PM [Leiha] Jubes asks: Does any of the Fae history in Into Dreaming hold any truth for the Fever series? Because I noticed the origins of the Unseelie King seemed to be different.

    7:17 PM [Karen Marie] Aha--good question. The Fae history in ITD is slightly different because I couldn't write the same characters as it was for a different publisher, so disregard ITD in light of the Fever series

    Uproar lol

    7:18 PM [Leiha] I think you just made their heads spin, LOL.
    7:19 PM [Karen Marie] Oh, btw in my recent move I found 25 copies of ITD and saw the thread on the MB about people having a hard time locating it. IT irks me how much amazon charges for shipping so I'm giving signed copies away for the price of an SASE. See Leiha for details.

    7:20 PM [Aeris] karen is the best to her fans... no other author is doing the things she does

    7:20 PM [Leiha] I think I have some also, I'm going to work out the details but please don't spend your money on it at Amazon.

    7:20 PM [Karen Marie] That's cause I have the BEST fans!
    7:20 PM [Leiha] I agree!

    7:21 PM [Karen Marie] We love Amazon. We just don't like paying as much for shipping as the book costs.
    7:21 PM [Leiha] Liz we will work something out in the future to get books signed.

    7:21 PM [Leiha] Anita is dying to know how you got the idea for Dani.

    7:21 PM [LovesDarkness] UGH...be happy it's not chapters.ca....they charge for shipping...AND have an extra shipping fee!
    7:22 PM [Leiha] LD, that is what amazon is doing also which we don't approve of.

    7:22 PM [Karen Marie] She came as part of the package, in toto. I really can't say she came from one place or the other. She was just there.

    7:22 PM [Anita] Thanks Karen!!! I LOVE Dani
    7:22 PM [Karen Marie] Thanks Anita!

    7:22 PM [*Jo*] Was she modeled after me?!
    7:23 PM [jubilee] lol jo
    7:23 PM [Karen Marie] Wait till you see who I model after you, JO, LOL

    7:23 AM [LovesDarkness] AWE!!! I love you Sassy!!! Id hug you but I'm clinging to Barrons let at the moment
    7:23 PM [Karen Marie] Get off Barrons you wench
    7:24 PM [Karen Marie] sorry, couldnít resist lovesdarkness, LOL

    JB wars

    7:24 PM [Leiha] Leelu asks: Aside from Christian, will any of the children from the highlander series characters make an appearance(or have already made an appearance) in the Fever series?
    7:24 PM [Karen Marie] No.

    7:24 PM [Leelu] Yay, that's mine!!!
    7:24 PM [LovesDarkness] lol...s'ok Karen...I still luffs joo!
    7:24 PM [janna7] Leiha - have you worked through all the email questions?
    7:24 PM [Leiha] I'm going thru the pile people have already pm'd me give me a couple of more q's before you pm more.
    7:24 PM [Karen Marie] by the way, wench is what me and my sisters call each other affectionately
    7:24 PM [Karen Marie] boy was the grammar bad in that sentence or what

    7:26 PM [Karen Marie] I wanted to say thanks to all of you for making the MB so awesome!
    7:27 PM [Karen Marie] I hope you guys know how much it means to me, when I'm kind of cut off being ill, to have such a great connection to you all
    7:28 PM [Karen Marie] Thank you!!
    7:28 PM [Karen Marie] I told Leiha I'm doing a book tour next year if I have to crawl, darn it.

    7:28 PM [Leiha] don't worry, Karen has plenty of convos in her head, LOL.
    People start to persuade Karen into coming to their home state lol
    7:29 PM [Leiha] we can just carry her around on a pillow, LOL.
    7:29 PM [feverfan] Just have a big ole convention in Vegas, LOL and we'll come to you
    7:29 PM [Karen Marie] Can't Barrons is in ...well, I can't tell you where he is
    7:29 PM [Leiha] well I'm not carrying, I'm holding her pen, LOL.
    7:29 PM [sleigh9908] so does that mean barrons isn't at the mckeltars?
    7:30 PM [JeanNBottle] LD has Barrons thatís where he is.

    7:30 PM [Lealing] i'm getting on to a plane to Dublin to see Barrons.

    7:30 PM [Karen Marie] Leiha you hold a lot more than my pen, chick, you keep my world together

    7:30 PM [Karen Marie] I didn't say he was in Dublin

    7:30 PM [Leiha] awww, thanks! You know I love you!

    7:30 PM [Leiha] from macfan: Question for Karen - when Fae project human glamour, can they project glamour of the opposite gender ?
    7:30 PM [Karen Marie] yes

    7:31 PM [Wildernessgirl] V'lane can't be QA!!!
    7:31 PM [kimono360] so is vlane a girl?
    7:31 PM [Karen Marie] VP would kill me
    7:31 PM [Natresse] lol, VP would be upset
    7:32 PM [shyrazz] we should pull a prank on VP have you pst V'lane as gay Karen!

    7:32 PM [LovesDarkness] *coughleftycough*

    7:32 PM [*Jo*] Yes he IS...
    7:32 PM [huntkota] Next book from Barrons POV....Please.....
    7:32 PM [macfan] So QA could be acting as a man and UK as a woman

    7:32 PM [Karen Marie] big lefty

    7:32 PM [natsurd] lefty -V'lane of Barrons
    7:32 PM [macfan] Question for Karen - can a Fae project the glamour of another Fae ?

    People type periods from time to time to prevent being booted for the chat for being idle.
    7:34 PM [Leiha] Please no more periods
    7:34 PM [Karen Marie] what's happening?
    7:34 PM [Leiha] if you get logged out log in
    7:34 PM [Leiha] people are worried about being booted
    7:34 PM [Karen Marie] what's with the periods?
    7:34 PM [LovesDarkness] people are getting kicked out cause they're idle
    7:34 PM [JeanNBottle] I got kicked out.. and couldnít get back in.. its saying its reached its full capacity.
    7:34 PM [Leiha] we need to slow things down saying its reached its full capacity.

    7:34 PM [*Jo*] So HOW am I going to make my entrance into the series?! This has me shaking big time.
    7:35 PM [Karen Marie] Sorry Jo, you'll just have to wait and see

    7:35 PM [Leiha] If you have pressing questions you can send them to me.

    7:35 PM [Leiha] Lovesdarkness: My question.....Was Barrons REALLY offended by the birthday cake Mac bought him...or...was is because of...something else? Was he truly touched by it...but didn't want to admit it?
    7:35 PM [Leiha] I will not be asking every question please keep that in mind.

    7:36 PM [Karen Marie] Leaving that to your insight. That's part of what this series is about. You guys are so smart, and have some of the greatest conversations about this stuff. I was especially impressed with the Birthday cake thread

    People start talking about cake lol
    7:36 PM [Karen Marie] I ordered one just like it after I wrote the scene because it made me so hungry. Fantastic! i sort of wanted to smear the cake on...uh, TMI
    7:37 PM [Karen Marie] only death will kill my sex drive, LOL

    7:38 PM [Leiha] amberplumeria wants to know If QA reclaimed the hallows from Circenn, how did the sidhe-seers get the sword and is it significant?

    7:39 PM [Karen Marie] There's been some infighting in the Fae and what's not significant would be spoiler, sorry, can't take that one too far

    7:39 PM [Leiha] Lacey asks Does Mac's biological father have any significance in the series? 7:39 PM

    [Karen Marie] Um, not anything hidden or cryptic, really, no

    7:39 PM [kimono360] pink is too obvious
    7:40 PM [Karen Marie] Wondered when someone would comment on my color
    7:41 PM [Leiha] Did you answer about Mac's bio dad?
    7:41 PM [Karen Marie] Uh huh
    7:41 PM [Leiha] sorry I missed it
    7:41 PM [Leiha] LOL

    7:41 PM [Leiha] Nala wants to know why can Barron Smell Blood?
    7:41 PM [Karen Marie] I'm sure she does, LOL

    7:42 PM [jeca] i know.... womb blood was a little TMI
    7:42 PM [Karen Marie] I thought so too, so did Mac

    7:42 PM [Leiha] Feverfan wants to know In the Fever books have we seen all 5 druids that Aoibheal wanted assembled?
    7:43 PM [Karen Marie] Yes
    7:43 PM [Karen Marie] sort of
    7:44 PM [Karen Marie] you guys said "see". Has anyone seen Dageus?
    7:44 PM [Karen Marie] did we? I thought we just heard about him from Barrons. Oh, no, am I messing up my own books?

    7:44 PM [Leiha] LMAO!
    7:45 PM [Karen Marie] What's this Adam questions people are jonesing about. I think they might hurt us if I don't hear it
    7:45 PM [Leiha] nancila, no adam question was sent in. and I still have other questions.
    7:45 PM [Leiha] no one sent in one
    7:45 PM [Karen Marie] well, send it in. I might answer
    7:46 PM [Leiha] you guys are confusing PMing me in chat with PMing my on the board.

    7:46 PM [Leiha] I'm addicted asks: will we get more JB and Mac togetherness in DF? he wasn't around much in FF. Will we at least get a kiss? I missed the chemistry/tension this book!

    7:47 PM [Karen Marie] Uh huh.
    7:48 PM [Karen Marie] I promise you what you think you want. It just may not be how you think you want it.

    7:48 PM [Leiha] [flamebow] asks: will we see adam again? Is he connected to the UK?

    7:49 PM [Karen Marie] Ah, Adam. I doubt you'll see him again in this series. You may hear of or about him. My doorbell is ringing, give me five
    :50 PM [Karen Marie] sorry, new in neighborhood and they brought me brownies!!

    7:50 PM [Leiha] I want to move there!

    7:50 PM [Leiha] vixn2rame: Question: is there another character we havenít seen that will have considerable influence on the story?
    7:51 PM [Karen Marie] there's that SEEN word again.
    7:51 PM [Karen Marie] Has anyone seen the UK?
    7:51 PM [Karen Marie] There will be some other men like Ryodan making an appearance in DMF

    7:52 PM [shyrazz] Actually, UK just stopped by to bring ME brownies!
    7:52 PM [Karen Marie] as if!

    7:52 PM [Leiha] [Aeris] Can you confirm whether War came in at the end of the rape scene and joined in?

    7:52 PM [Karen Marie] as if!
    7:52 PM [Natresse] as in you can't say or as in he wouldn't do that?
    7:52 PM [Leiha] thought we would try, LOL
    7:53 PM [macfan] is the absence of War (the prince) significant in the forthcoming books
    7:53 PM [Karen Marie] exactly natresse
    7:53 PM [Natresse] damnit, LOL

    7:53 PM [Leiha] this one I HAD to ask:[Eliana] Will Drustans pure heart have anything to do with the Fever story?
    7:53 PM [Karen Marie] yes

    7:54 PM [Leiha] [Pinkfrog] Is there any connection between Macs dreams recurring after all this time and Barrons coming through the glass with the woman?

    7:55 PM [Karen Marie] odd question. no. although obviously the extreme cold indicates Unseelie in both cases

    7:56 PM [Leiha] [LatinaLass] Will we find out is JZB real name in Dreamfever?

    7:56 PM [ladyjane29] why does V'lane frost up?
    7:57 PM [Karen Marie] all the fae royalty, unseelie and seelie, affect the weather around them
    7:58 PM [Karen Marie] Iíve done three chats in my life and get easily confused by them

    7:58 PM [Leiha] karen did you see the question about JZB's real name?
    7:58 PM [Karen Marie] no, what was it
    7:59 PM [Leiha] will we find out his real name in Dreamfever?
    7:59 PM [Karen Marie] you mean you want to know what the Z stands for or if any of it is his real name?
    7:59 PM [Karen Marie] Ah, I see Leiha's question. No.
    7:59 PM [Leiha] LMAO!
    8:00 PM [Karen Marie] you will, however, find out much more about JZB in df . I meant dmf. The z is pertinent.

    8:01 PM [Leiha] [SidheSaid] Question: Will the MacKeltar time traveling stones play a part in future books?
    8:01 PM [Karen Marie] not in a time reversal sense

    Some people leave
    8:02 PM [Karen Marie] bye and thanks for coming so late!

    8:02 PM [Leiha] Mary Jane would like to ask this: by HEA for Mac does she simply mean happily ever after or does she mean there will be a HEA with a man.
    8:02 PM [Karen Marie] I promise you a fulfilling HEA. I promise.
    8:03 PM [melissa] that is not really an answer to the question!
    8:03 PM [Karen Marie] I know Melissa
    8:03 PM [Karen Marie] I honestly don
    8:03 PM [Karen Marie] t do it to torture you.
    8:04 PM [Karen Marie] What I said was I honestly donít do it to torture you

    8:04 PM [Natresse] she just doesn't want to ruin it for us
    8:04 PM [Karen Marie] right natresse

    8:04 PM [Leiha] And the final question for Karen from MacKeltar Lover: Hi Karen ^_^ i was wondering about your health, and how are you now?

    8:05 PM [Karen Marie] I'm pretty sick. But I'm with family and I have you guys and I will get thru this. Thanks so much for asking!

    8:05 PM [Karen Marie] There's one more question, Leiha, a major spoiler, remember?
    8:05 PM [Leiha] Well no one asked that question. I figured they will have to rack their brains and ask this weekend.
    8:05 PM [Karen Marie]] Haha Okay.
    8:06 PM [Karen Marie] they didnít ask. Can you believe it?

    Mini-chaos ensues lol

    8:06 PM [Leiha] Karen called and told me she would answer a specific spoiler question if someone asked it. No one asked, LOL.
    8:06 PM [Leiha] I know!
    8:06 PM [Leiha] this was a specific one that many people have been wondering about
    8:06 PM [Karen Marie] leiha's not allowed to. (Karenís referring to Leihaís not allowed to tell someone else the question or ask a question)
    8:07 PM [Leiha] hopefully this weekend, LOL
    8:07 PM [Leiha] I'm the meanie here, LOL.

    8:07 PM [Karen Marie] There you go Kadrin, Barrons is NOT the boy in Fairy. He's much older than that.
    8:07 PM [Leiha] there it is!

    8:07 PM [Leiha] what a note to end on huh? Thanks for doing the chat Karen. I know youíre usually in bed at this time.
    8:08 PM [Karen Marie] Hey, don't let them know what a wimp I am! LOL
    8:08 PM [Leiha] well you write at 4am!
    8:08 PM [Leiha] that's not wimpy!
    8:08 PM [Karen Marie] Night all and thanks again so much for coming, for your amazing support and friendship!

    Everyone says their goodbyes & thank youís.
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    Needs a lot of good luck!

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    Thanks for all of you for putting this together - it sounds like the really good stuff was discussed after I had to go to "Football Practice"...Thanks, Thanks,

    I don't know how you guys kept up!! Much less put this together!!


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    Ok, I just posted a transcript up. I'm missing some info & I've indicated it with a * LOL I had to edit some things because I was over the word limit. Happy theorizing, everyone :P

    Once again, thank you Karen, Leiha, & Lin! It was a bit chaotic in there & you guys did great!

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    Thumbs up Thank you

    As I was standing in front of a room full of people tonight presenting and answering questions, my heart was here with all of you! The first thing I did when I got home was come straight here to find out what happened!

    A million thanks to all of you who posted the chat. It made my loooooonggg night!

    And to Leiha and Karen, you both are great fun and are absolutely wonderful to us!! Thank you so very much for being so connected with us!

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    Default HUGE Thanks!!!!

    Thanks so much for posting. The chat room closed at 100 but would show 'all in ' + 'ones trying to get in' . I was a 'trying to get in'. I saw the number go up to 210 at one point. So, there are alot of us really thankful ya'll took the time and effort to transcribe!!!!\

    Thanks again!!!!!

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    210? Really? The most when i checked was 102, but i wasn't looking very often During the chat, as i didn't want to mess up my own window.
    All growth is a leap in the dark. An unpremeditated act without the benefit of experience.

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    Thanks to Karen and Leiha and to everyone for the transcrpts! Karen, I hope you feel better soon.

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    AHHHH thank you so much for saving what was said!!!!
    "I think he kissed me then. It wasn't like any kiss I'd ever felt before."
    "One day you may kiss a man you can't breathe without, and find breath is of little consequence."

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    I think some people converted the time change wrong. The 210 was about 6:50 Central time when I tried to see if ya'll were still chatting.......

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    Default Post Chat Thoughts...

    I have never been in anything quite that wild...if you blinked you missed major postings...All of the ladies that took notes and then got them to the boards as quick as they did are to be Commended and Congratulated and we should probably take up a collection for them...they will probably need to go away for a long rest...
    All that being said, this is just my ONLY thought on what was said and not said by Karen...
    I have a terrible fear that if JZB ends of being QueenA in disguise...I will have to move far away from my home of 57 years...my family will make good on their promises to see me put away...am praying tonite and every nite until DrF comes out that this will not come to pass...bap7249

    ps. Leiha, Lin and Pyxie...we need a smilie for TERRIFIED!!!
    So many books to read, so little TIME!
    Everyone NEEDS a little MAGIC!!!!!!!!!

    Moning Manic #399 , Proud Member of MMPS

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    I know! my hubby's b-day was today so I had to miss the chat, but thanks so much ladies for all the transcripts!! I'm so happy to cancel off something that barrons is NOT on the list...one million more to go now lol

    oh and I'm sad about adam...too bad :(

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