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    Default Ro...Patrona...Mac's Mom..or who are the Parents

    So, I was thinking while I was putting the kidlets to bed...
    In darkfever (not handy but will find) when Mac is in the Bar and about to betray herself to the Grey Man, Ro says that "and you an O'connor no less, I should be telling your Kin!" (or something very similar to that)

    But when Mac questions Ro later on... She says that there are no O'connors left

    Erm.... That seems Fishy.

    Also, and here is an errant thought... in FaeFever, Mac is dreaming again of the Ice Prison, and she says that she can almost make out a familiar voice, but it never quite makes it, and she hears some(one/thing) laughing. She suspects (or maybe it's me...lol) that maybe someone is trying to communicate with her that is trapped in the Unseelie Prison...

    So... dun dun dun dun... Could Mac's mom be a prisoner in the Unseelie Prison Realm?


    ETA* Hardcover FF chapter 10

    I slept fitfully dreamed of the sad woman again.
    She was trying to tell me something but an icy wind kept stealing her words each time she opened her mouth. Laughter rippled on the chilling breeze, and I thought I recognized it, but I couldn't lift the name from my mind. The harder I tried, the more frightened and confused I became.

    Darkfever pg 27 paperback

    (Ro) "How dare you betray us! and you --- an O'connor no less!! I'll be having a word with your Kin, I will!!"

    BloodFever: Hardcover pg 199

    "Are there or aren't there any O'connors in your organization?"
    A shadow crossed her face. She shook her head. "the bloodline died out, Mackayla. If you are an O'connor, or an offshoot of that branch, you are the last."
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