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Thread: Reject Option for saving Mac's life

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    Default Reject Option for saving Mac's life

    Remember when Mac was trying to convince JZB to let her eat/ feed her Unseelie? JZB looks like he considered an option and immediately rejected it. I immediately thought of the Fae immortality potion, what do you guys think?

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    I really don't think the other option would be to kill her. He seems adamant in not letting her die. What he wanted to do...that I don't know. Maybe his last option would be to turn her immortal or into whatever he is, which is what he didn't want. How he does that, I don't know. Depends on what he is :P.

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    I don't think for a minute that he was going to kill her. He has always been adamant on keeping her alive regardless of what needed to be done. He told her he wouldn't let her die more then once.

    But even so I've always wondered what he was planning to do before Mac asked him to bring the USeelie to her... and I am hoping so much that someone will ask Karen the question at the Q & A!

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    Maybe that is what Barrons had thought of doing - killing her and bringing her back to make her stronger, a more fierce a fighter but it would appear she was proving herself to him on her own, finding out herself and learning things on her own so he didn't have to kill her. She was getting to where to she needs to be fast, it's possible Barrons didn't know about the Unseelie feasts - however hard to believe, this man, beast, thing seems to know everything.
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    I totally agree with FeartheDarkness, an some others here.
    At my 3rd read of BF, i tried to pay a special attention to the acts and it became obvious to me (it wasnt at all the 2 last readings!).

    Quote Originally Posted by FeartheDarkness View Post
    "There's nothing here that i can use, Mac. If we were somewhere else, if i had certain things, there are....spells i could do. But ou won't live long enough for me to get you there." Sounded like he was trying to convince himself/maybe Mac, that it eas the only choice left.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kindle edition, 79%
    "****," he exploded again. "I need things!" He was standing, looking around the cavern again, with that frantic air."
    --> i agree. First, he would have tried a druidic way (maybe tatoo?), but seemed not to have what he needed for.

    Quote Originally Posted by FeartheDarkness View Post
    " You can't die Mac, I won't let you." explains itself. "This isn't what i wanted," Barrons was saying. "This isn't what i would have chosen. You must know that. It's important that you know that." so he decided to go forward with whatever idea came into his head and was asking for forgiveness?
    --> i exactly felt this way too... as the duidic way wasnt possible, he still had an option but really didnt look like appreciated it.
    What definitly convinced me was that :
    Quote Originally Posted by Kindle edition, 80%
    "Barrons." I forced my eyes open. They felt heavy, weighted by coins. His face was in my neck and was breathing hard. Was he grieving me ?"
    --> grieving ? no way!! he was about to do something, and i assume he was about to bite her.
    When you read carefully the way Barrons talks about wether Mallucé is a vampire or not, you realize Barrons knows a lot of things about, thus without let us or Mac know at any moment he could be one. And I assume too he's not only a vampire cause the beast he became in some circumstances is definitly different.
    A last thing what made me make up my mind :
    Quote Originally Posted by Leiha View Post
    brandyhough: Before Mac ate US flesh the first time, was Barrons going to do "something" to save her?
    Karen Marie: Sure looked like it to me.
    Mom2Leah: YES! I wondered that too... and also wondered when she was "dying" from his son if he was about to do it again...
    Jewelstir: so...what was he going to do then?? LOL
    Karen Marie: Haha Jewelstir, as fecking if.

    So! I will continue reading or rereading to be exact =P.
    See you !
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