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Thread: Valentine's Day Giveaway!

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    Default Valentine's Day Giveaway!

    How could I possibly not buy pink things for today? LOL. Here's the deal: Post once in reply to my thread here (and only once because multiple posts will be deleted) telling me your idea of the perfect Valentine's Day and the one I like best wins the following:

    • One velvety pink photo album
    • One pink Barnes and Noble Gift Card for $25.00
    • One set of pink alabster paperweights hand-crafted in Italy

    I'll announce the winner tomorrow morning, but only entries made prior to midnight tonight count.

    Wishing you all a fabulously romantic Valentine's Day!

    ps: The MacHalo World Tour contest entries are wonderful. Thanks to all of you for your time, energy and creativity. You constantly astound and delight me with your enthusiasm for the Fever world. I can't wait till you guys read Dreamfever!
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    Default Perfect Valentine's Day!

    My perfect Valentine's day would be a romantic dinner in some type of meadow and it would be at night so i could see the stars. Then me and my date would go dancing because i love to dance! lol then we would exchange gifts that were both meaningful with each other.

    Of course just being with the person i love i would be enough^-^
    Allergic to flowers, they wilt and they die
    You jump in the shower, regardless that I'd
    Much rather you just hang tough
    A little bloody and beaten up
    Let's get animalistic rough
    We'll be ripping the clothes right off, backseat, not sweet, but it's my Make-out song
    -Skye Sweetnam

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    Default Snow Days

    My favorite Valentine's Day is when it snows in Arizona. It snowed this week and the mountains around Tucson just looked beautiful. My mother and I had wonderful pancakes with applesauce and whipcream this morning. This evening I will have dinner and go walking with a friend. Most importantly, today I just logged here and saw this give away. In my book, that makes a perfect day.

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    To be dating someone, and on v-day end up going on a trip to Italy, Greece, Ireland some where with a LOT of history. For it all to be a surprise, you know seeing all the sights, eating great food ect.
    Then JUST as the night is winding down, to go back to whatever was my favorite spot that day around the country and then get engaged.
    Then plan for a year to the day , to get married at that same spot.
    That would be perfect.

    Thanks for the contest Karen!


    Yes it's fictional and would never happen, but hey a girl can dream right?
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    Default Happy V-day

    Happy valentines day! Mostly today, I would just like some pretty flowers from my hubby. I need something springy!

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    Default Best Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

    My best Valentine's day would be to have my navy boyfriend, who is currently in Lemoore, CA, to surprise me by showing up here 750 miles from where he is to be with me. I don't want anything fancy, just to be with him today because I miss him so much would be perfect.

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    Default My Dream Valentines Day.

    Since I am single, my parents are in Cuba and I have to work I have to just tell you what I have imagined for my perfect Valentines Day. My perfect Valentines Day would be spending it with my true love (If he is out there). Getting breakfast in bed, then spending the day together visiting family and friends or just doing things together as a couple like taking a walk on the beach, or going to see a movie. Then having a romantic dinner at home with rose petals strewn over the table and soft romantic music playing in the background. After that well I will leave the rest up to your imagination.

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    All right, I'm not a VD gal (in either definition of the phrase), so I done stole the first one off the radio and the second one from a co-worker:

    For the ladies: She can be surprised with a spa day. Then, after she's done, she's met by her well-dressed fella (or gal), blindfolded and then transported to a romantic destination that will totally suprise her.

    For the guys: But those cute Valentine's Day cards we used to get in elementary school, and hide them all over the house where he'll unexpectedly find them -- like the medicine cabinet or his wallet. Extra points for putting personal, cheeky messages in each one. 'Cuz *I choo choo choose you!* is great in grade school but don't cut the mustard when you're older. ;-)
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    Default Happy Valentine's Day

    My husband is deployed right now. So, today certainly isn't my best Valentine's Day ever. I think the perfect day would be pretty simple. I want to wake up next to him, no kids in our bed for once. The day would start with being in his arms, telling each other that we love each other. We would go down stairs together, where I would find my favorite mix of red roses and white lilies (the names of our girls) on our kitchen island. The rest of the day really wouldn't matter, as long as we spent it together, holding hands, and just being with each other. That would be perfect.

    Happy Valentine's Day to all.

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    My Valentines Day is always spent with the family celebrating my sons birthday! Yup a Valentines Day baby. He was and will always be the best Valentine I ever received.


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    Happy Valentine's Day Karen and thank you for doing this contest!

    I've never had a real Valentine, so I think the perfect Valentine's Day for me would just be spending it with that special person ...doing something fun and different or just doing nothing at all. I would hope that it would be more about who I was with than what we did.

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