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Ok I'm new, and someone's probably already mentioned these questions, but here I go:
Question the first: In Darkfever, did it seem awfully coincidental that Mac got lost in a fog and stumbled right into BB&B? And that, despite the listing of the DB in a generic history book, Fiona assumed Mac was looking for it just because she mentioned it? Could it be that maybe Barrons put a spell on the bookstore to attract anyone who could help him find it? Being all magic & stuff.

Question 2 (Don't hurt me VP, I'm on your side. Actually, I'd take any KMM's heroes, so I'm neutral.): How does V'Lane know what Mac was like when she first got to Ireland? How does Barrons know she needed help since the day she set foot there? Both seem to have been watching longer than they say.

Question the third: At the end of Darkfever, Mac sees Barrons In the sun. She's injured, but she mentions that her eye was going in and out, and barrons kept turning to shadows. Now, the description of her injuries specify that Mac's eye was not injured-just her cheek below it. So she saw Barrons in the sun, and Barrons was shadows.

Hope this helps someone, somewhere. Cuz I'm frogging stumped.
I think QA was the woman who pointed Mac through the Darkzone knowing the first place she would see would be BB&B.

I think QA and V'lane have been watching Mac from the beginning, maybe even from childhood. But Barrons has known her since her second day in Dublin, so basically since she "step foot" there.