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Thread: Agree to Disagree about Theories and Speculation

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    Default Agree to Disagree about Theories and Speculation

    Karen's stories are so well written and fun to read; it's hard to believe we still have two stories to go and so many unanswered questions. With that being said, please remember that everyone on the board is entitled to an opinion, and members are welcome to respond to that opinion. When we post theories, we cannot expect everyone to agree with us.

    If there is a problem with understanding what someone has posted or you feel they are personally attacking you, PM the member directly, and resolve the issue off the board! Most members don't want to be dragged into personal disputes, it makes them uncomfortable. If necessary, you can also PM one of the moderators.

    Karen's board is a place to have fun, build friendships, and speculate. We just need to remember that not everyone will have the same opinion.
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    Smile Agree to Disagress

    Thanks Pixie, you're quite right.

    I love when people disagree with my speculations or theories; they usually bring up a differenct point of view I never considered, and that is what makes the message board such fun!

    ScotIrishlass in Miami

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    My first post..and I just realized I posted it in the wrong stinking forum..LOL!!

    I'm going nuts. I need Shadowfever like NOW.

    Anyways, I'm gonna go find my appropriate "theories" forum and post there..lol
    Feel free to laugh at my opinions..I generally do. ;)
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    Icon21 Totally agree!!!

    Like I said when I introduced myself in the Tea Room -- this forum is like a "water cooler" conversation. This should be a fun place, where nobody is wrong or right - just participating, using imagination and having conversations.

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    The truth is, we are bound to annoy, irritate and just perturbe each other sometimes with our theories or just our personalities.
    Thats how life goes. Little cat fights here and there. Plus, in such an open forum, it is bound to happen, and not everyone is going to like everyone else.

    I think there are many of us (I'll raise my hand) who have responded in a way that was in poor form to a post and have gotten into little a time or two (or 3) over the years.

    But, we all get over it and like ScotIrishLass said, if ppl never disagreed with us or challenged our opinions, how would we learn anything? We would just go through life thinking we are always right and why doesnt the rest of the world realize that by now?

    Im grateful to everyone on this forum-to those who agree, disagree, like me or dont like me-I learn something new from each of you.

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