Hey all....a couple weeks ago I posted that I had a job interview. Well, great news, everyone: I got the job!

I will be working for the Fund for the Public Interest. I will be an Assistant Canvass Director. Basically, I will supervise college kids who canvass to raise money and get members for nonprofits like HRC and Sierra Club. They ask for a one-year committment, so I'm thinking that I will probably use that year to look for something else, since this job pays peanuts, lol. But it's a good intry-level position for a college grad. And who knows, maybe I'll like it and move up the chain and get a raise, lol. In the meantime, it's a decent (seemingly, at least) job that allows me to move closer to my fiance. Who may be changing his major to graduate next year instead of the year after, lol.