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    Hi guys My name is crystal and im 19. I live in Houston,Tx. Im farely new to this website but soo aquainted to Kmm's books. It was actually kinda weird how i read my first book of Kmm. I remember about a year ago i walked into borders and had this extreme craving to read a romance novel. I immediately walked straight towards the romance section and my eyes went directly at “The Immortal Highlander”. I never knew that it was apart of a series or the “last” (second to last) book.(This was before Spell of the Highlander came out)I read the book and I greatly fell in love with Adam Black!!!... I then found out about her other books and read them. And wow, let me tell you those Mackeltar boys had me head over heels! Lol anyways I’m very excited for KMM’s new series and as well as you all, I am too looking forward to FAEFEVER. (Chills) and looking forward to hearing from you guys!

    Yours truly,
    Crystal ;)
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