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Thread: Audie Award!

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    Default Audie Award!

    I just heard that The Dark Highlander, read by Phil Gigante won the 2009 Audie Award for Romance.

    I couldn't agree more! I think he does such a sexy Scot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by analisa View Post

    Second, after this, I'm thinking somebody will have to go check on Dawn, she may be needing CPR or something right now ...

    Congratulations Karen and Phil!!!!!

    I was not a fan of audio books, because English is not my first language and I felt I missed much of the action if I couldn't understand one word, but now I do really want to go and get those audio books!!!! So many wonderful things have been said in here about Phil's work with the highlanders that I can't wait to get them! I just need to decide which one to get first!

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    Default Phil, we love you here!

    I was so thrilled to hear you won. You've done a simply magnificent job bringing my Highlanders to life. Congratulations on a well-deserved win!
    And please drop by anytime!

    And btw, I'm the one who's honored. I can't stand to re-read my own books, but I can listen to you reading them over and over :)
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    Second, after this, I'm thinking somebody will have to go check on Dawn, she may be needing CPR or something right now ...[/QUOTE]

    Congrads to Phil and to Karen

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    Congratulations to Phil ... and to you too Karen!!! That's verra exciting!!!

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    Dear Ms. Moning,

    Hello. I hope I'm not intruding, but I had to break my long standing fear of contacting authors whose work I read and greatly admire, to let you know that The Dark Highlander was awarded the Audie Award for Best Romance of 2009 in NYC last night.
    Congratulations again on that !!

    I LOVED bringing your wonderful characters to life on audio. The stories, beautiful prose and dialogue, and passion of your writing have forever changed and enriched my life and, frankly, spoiled me for other works in the genre. (In truth, before your work, I wouldn't have read the synopsis on the back of a Romance title. Now, I can't wait for the next Fever book!)
    LOL, she has enriched and spoiled us as well !!

    Karen, thank you. And again, thank you. Your work is marvelous, and I am honored and thrilled to have been a small part of it. I wish you health, happiness and continued success always.

    Sincerely and humbly,
    Phil Gigante

    PS I'm sure you know this, but you have the best and most fervent fans I've ever seen. And I guess I'm Alpha Man enough now to count myself among them.

    And now welcome to the board and into our community, we love to have an Alpha Man around !!

    If you add to this that he's Dageus' voice with a scott accent ...
    and Karen's fan Phil Gigante ...

    Beautiful art work by alicexz

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    Wow we find out Phil Gigante won an Audie for The Dark Highlander AND he posts today? What a banner day for us here.

    Congratulations Phil! The award is much deserved. I have loved listening to you bring Karen's books to life. Each character has their own distinct voice and you do a wonderful job with all of them!

    Please drop by anytime. We are all fans of yours!
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    Congratulations to the wonderful Ms Karen Marie Moning for first writing the Dark Highlander. Because of that, you deserved this award. Thanks to Phil Gigante for being the voices of the many beloved highlanders. I was listening to Dark Highlander last night before bed and I melted like butter listening to his voice. Congratulations as well Phil Gigante. The award goes to you as well.

    PS Phil you should come around more often. We would love to have you. Hehe.

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    Okay you got me. I am now going to go and buy DH on audio.

    BTW Phil, thanks for posting and welcome!
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    I love to read books, but listening to them after brings something more to the vision of the story...great job!

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    Ok, now I'm a little embarrassed about all the drooling I've been doing on this board over his narration. Congratulations to the both of you. I would say its been the perfect match of author and narrator.
    December was Christian-he knows naughty or nice.
    January was Grimm with his eyes of blue ice.
    Cian was November-when the Dark Glass set him free.
    Drustan in February made us think cherry tree.
    Dageus is March—Why, do you say?
    March has “Lips Appreciation” and “I’m in Control” day.
    Multiple Personalities-he was possessed by 13.
    When it comes to sacrifice-I’d say his was supreme.
    Return Borrowed Books week makes me think Gaulish Ghost.
    Yes, I would say March suits Dageus the most!

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