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Thread: KMM Anniversary Chat

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    Default KMM Anniversary Chat

    Karen did a surprise appearance at our anniversary chat. Here is a cleaned up version of the chat transcript for those of you who couldn't make it, I had it formatted in word but didn't post that way.

    MissAmy Hi karen
    hdbiker OMG!!
    Leiha I am sweet and innocent Karen, LOL
    maccasbaby hey karen
    Karen Marie Hi! Happy anniversary chicks!
    FeverLover thanks you too
    Mia_luv_Dageus snorts at Leiha
    hdbiker Leiha you lied!!!
    jayzee Happy Anniversary to you too
    Leiha LOL you made it! now they'll never believe me LOL
    texasrichheat I know my sister is in sock *slap hdbiker across the face*
    Karen Marie Snorts at Leiha too:)
    Mia its not nice to lie leiha!
    dawnab19 leiha is far from sweet and innocent
    Leiha I am as surprised as you are, I promise, LOL
    Gypsy21 yeah leiha ...
    Deborah Sure.....
    dawnab19 why are we disbelieving
    katydid I like hanging out with leiha
    Leiha I don't lie, I tease!
    Karen Marie I wanted to stop in and say thanks for all you guys do! It's been an incredible two years, thanks to you guys!
    lilchubb holy snikeys kmm's here
    hdbiker so glad you came
    LatinaLass no thank u
    maccasbaby we love you
    karen555 Karen....thank YOU!!!!
    LatinaLass i hope to see u next month
    FeverLover awwww... thanks... we love you
    jayzee Thank you Karen ...you make it possible
    Deborah You make it possible Karen
    Debbie_D thank you Karen! It wouldn't be possible without you
    texasrichheat Karen Im new i just started today but i feel so at home and welcome here
    Jewelstir you and leiha do too much for us...so thanks to both of you!!!
    Karen Marie So what chat did I interrupt? I hear Phil was here?
    texasrichheat your books are wonderful
    maccasbaby please come to scotland with us
    katydid you are what has made this possible Karen
    Gypsy21 lucky day to start!
    Mia actually karen can take over a small country with her following
    jayzee Yes he was
    hdbiker lol
    Debbie_D yes he was
    hdbiker your right Mia
    Mia im saying she can lead a revolution and we'd follow
    Jewelstir we were talking about Leiha's favorite Swinging place...
    Gypsy21 for sure mia
    LatinaLass I asked about Swinging Richards
    FeverLover ohhh leiha... was ahhhhh
    katydid yep you missed the \voice\""
    karen555 Leiha's secret pervy side...ok,....secret to the innocent eye...
    Karen Marie Mia, the video is wonderful!
    LatinaLass Since I couldn't make it
    FeverLover lol
    Debbie_D but we were just talking about SRs hehehe
    Mia im glad u liked it karen
    dawnab19 yes Leiha is gonna sing \I touch myself\" for him"
    Debbie_D *I'm always talking about SRs*
    Jewelstir she has many converts!!!! ROFL
    Mia_luv_Dageus lol
    LatinaLass Things snowballed from there
    hdbiker lol
    Mia yeah and im taking pictures when his kilt rips
    hdbiker LOL!
    Gypsy21 lmao!!! mia!!! rock it girl!!!
    Debbie_D We Leave Tuesday for Scotland!
    FeverLover atlanta sounds like it was a blast
    LatinaLass how about your next signing?
    karen555 i wish you ALL would be able to come to cooperstown NY for the end of july...it's MAN city....we'd take over
    LiLTiNk81 i know lol
    hdbiker Just want to say Thank You Karen for all you do
    Mia jewels u down with the sickness right? u can take photos too lol
    Karen Marie Leiha really didn't know, I promise!
    LatinaLass I believe her
    LatinaLass this time...
    Mia i dont know karen leiha's been holding out on me alll day
    katydid so Karen can we have a spoiler please
    Jewelstir wait, what didn't she know
    Leiha Can everyone make their color black so you can see karen's post easier
    FeverLover surprises are nice for everyone
    Karen Marie I have a hard time keeping up with the conversation....
    Debbie_D I love surprises!
    Mia must cover eyes if theres a spoiler i avoid them
    Karen Marie Didn't I give you a HUGE spoiler in the last newsletter?
    Jewelstir yes!
    jayzee yes you did
    Romannicus that was the best karen
    Jewelstir it made us want it MORE MORE MORE
    Jenn yes, but we're greedy
    karen555 yep....and we loved every minute of it Karen!
    Sara Jean Yes, but one is never enough
    Debbie_D I just want the book
    FeverLover yes... that was an awesome spoiler
    Karen Marie Believe me, you get more more more haha
    jayzee *faints*
    FeverLover i just can't wait
    Leiha Karen how is Bloodrush coming along?
    Mia turns on fan there ya go jayzee
    Karen Marie But you won't find out as much about Jo in this as in Shadowfever...
    Leiha They asked me but I said I only do what you tell me LOL
    jayzee woohoo for jo
    Jewelstir really? cool
    Debbie_D too bad Jo is on vacation and not here LMAO
    LatinaLass Is her name going to be JO so that weknow it it her?
    Karen Marie Bloodrush will have the final mastering done tomorrow, the booklet is almost done, and there are some awesome \special\" scenes in it."
    karen555 let's send KMM to the #1 spot with this one.
    Karen Marie Yes, her name is JO
    LatinaLass Nice LOL
    hdbiker so we will be able to identify her
    katydid is she ryodan's assistant
    Leiha there's a lot of competition out the weeks around Dreamfever but if she doesn't hit #1 it's not because you all didn't try
    Jenn Is JO a peach farmer? ;D
    Jewelstir so when can we pre-order?
    Romannicus lol
    Karen Marie You will definitely be able to identify her but the real action she's involved in picks up in the last book.
    FeverLover ohhhh
    Leiha and we'll get deleted scenes in bloodrush correct?
    FeverLover i'm so excited....
    Karen Marie We're trying to get the pre-order page for Bloodrush set up in the next few weeks, with some snippets from the songs
    FeverLover thanks karen
    Katydid Jo is soooo lucky lol
    Jewelstir Karen, are we gong to have withdrawals after Shadowfever?
    Lilysfire coool
    lilchubb awesome! can't wait
    Irina Yay! Thanks!
    Karen Marie actually, you'll be getting extra scenes, from different viewpoints in the booklet plus some from me on the creation process
    jayzee thanks
    Deborah awesome
    Sara Jean SWEEEET
    Karen Marie No, because after Shadowfever, I
    FeverLover wow...
    Irina OMG! YAY!
    hdbiker yes???
    FeverLover sayyyy it
    Leiha see that last part I didn't know, Karen keeps things from me also, LOL
    Debbie_D ?
    Jewelstir Yes....*ears perked*
    FeverLover pleasessss
    Karen Marie oops, I've got two more series to spin off in the Fever world
    Debbie_D YAY!!!!
    Irina OMG! -faints-
    hdbiker HOLY COW!
    Romannicus sweet!!!
    katydid awesome Karen love the fever world
    Leiha someone pick Irina up, LOL
    Jewelstir I'm not ready to let go...and we still have 2 books to get through
    lilchubb tennatively titled yet?
    Karen Marie I can't wait till you hear the women singing Taking Back the Night,. it turned out so GOOD!!! It gives me chills.
    Irina Sorry, ok I'm back!
    Mia wow thats great
    hdbiker wish i could have been there for that
    Jewelstir acckk...yes you must texas!!!
    Jenn me too!
    Karen Marie Can't tell you the new titles. Gives too much away, LOL
    jayzee because it was an awesometastic song :)
    lilchubb rats. *tried* lol
    Leiha mia I sent Karen that quote from the song you sent me last night and she loved it!
    Jewelstir tease! LOL
    karen555 Karen....do you get to participate in ALL the actors/singers/models for your own books?
    FeverLover that's ok... i'm on cloud nine just knowing that something is next
    Mia u can thank hector lavoe for that one leiha and karen lol
    hdbiker me too FL
    Karen Marie I did. It totally touched my heart, Mia and is sooo appropriate, can you share it here?
    huntkota Karen: Thanks for the book signing in August. Hope you are feeling well.
    Mia sure lets see if i remember i was listening to the song last night
    texasrichheat actors/singers?
    Karen Marie Huh? What do you mean \participate\"? MY hubby's sitting here...LOL"
    hdbiker there is suppose to be a movie
    hdbiker about the fever series
    Leiha We are also going to try to make the booksigning in Cinci be a weekend event. I just haven't had time to plan anything yet but we will.
    LatinaLass Yay
    LatinaLass I get to go!
    hdbiker i want to go this time
    Karen Marie Definitely make the Cinti signing an event! There's so much to do in the town.
    Leiha Speaking of hubby, is there any chance he'll perform at the booksigning or at least be there to sign autographs?
    texasrichheat Karen are you planning on doing a movie for the Highlander series?
    Leiha Diana, I really hope you can make it!
    karen555 hubby sings???
    Karen Marie Neil will be there for sure, and we'll have Bloodrush CD's
    LatinaLass Thanks
    huntkota bring Neil
    Jewelstir Oh Neil must perform!
    jayzee YAY
    Irina I hope I can make it.
    karen555 PLEEEEase tell me you married the cover art!!!!!
    natsurd that sounds like so much fun!!
    jayzee Neil definitely has to perform again for us
    Karen Marie The bookstore has a great bistro attached where we can talk more informally afterwards, too
    dawnab19 Jen are you going to the signing?
    Katydid love hearing Neil sing
    FeverLover sounds sooo cool
    jayzee i don't know yet ...but leaning that way
    LatinaLass Wow will they be ready for us?
    texasrichheat we have to go to Ohio
    hdbiker i think i'm going on a roadtrip
    huntkota I can't wait.
    Jewelstir Yes, jen!!
    Mia_luv_Dageus any more of the ZLO tour this year?
    katydid I so got to find a way to go
    Jewelstir Karen, do they have a mic?
    karen555 a guy with a voice is as sweet as a guy with a bod!!!
    Leiha Not that you're not the draw Karen but I think Neil being there just guaranteed a few more people, LOL.
    Jewelstir you know there is going to be a huge crowd
    Karen Marie Believe me, he doesn't need a mic
    Katydid lol leiha
    Jewelstir no for YOU! lol
    -^-Lin-^- it gets harder to resist going
    Jewelstir We will want to hear your little snippets!!
    jayzee Neil was wonderful Karen ...I hope we didn't all scare him to much
    Leiha Lin wants to fly in again Karen, LOL
    Karen Marie Oh, duh, yes, I DO need a mic, good point!
    huntkota Don't resist just go.
    jayzee I knew Lin wouldn't stay away
    lilchubb man i'd love to go.
    Irina I can go. If my parents will let me. LOL
    Jewelstir LOL
    Karen Marie Lin you MUST come! You
    LatinaLass Do u have a limit on the books you will sign?
    lilchubb but tx is a long way away
    Karen Marie Sorry, I keep entering before I'm done...
    Jewelstir the boss says so Lin!
    Leiha Karen will sign your whole set LL
    highlanderlas Too far a drive for me
    Karen Marie No limit, I'll sign till we're done this time
    Esther Marie TX is a long way away...but I think I'm going anyway!!
    lilchubb roadtrip HD?lol
    Layla Karen you do need to come to Mexico sometime!! Why is all the fun in the US!
    FeverLover ahhhh thanks karen
    LatinaLass You see! THat is why I LOVE her and she tell a damn good story!
    hdbiker yes i'm up for a roadtrip
    huntkota can I bring all my books and take a pix?
    -^-Lin-^- Oh well if karen says I must come, better go on to booking the leave then LOL
    Leiha LOL Lin
    Karen Marie I would LOVE to come to Mexico. Give me a year or so. There are so many beautiful places there...
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    Default Thank you thank you

    Thanks for posting this Leiha- I am so bummed I missed it.

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    Thanks leiha It is so good to read what was said with the exception of my typos I meant NASHVILLE next year I'll be there, still sorta trying for cini cant commit but I sure wanna.
    Karen You are what make this Clan stick together.
    Where you find friends, there you find richesCheck your (.)(.) Its never to soon
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    Imagine how I feel Jo, I got in right at the end! LOL But it was a blast! Thanks for everything you do, Leiha!
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    Cool Smacks self in head. My brain is pickled in Pina Colata. Slosh, slosh...

    Quote Originally Posted by alba View Post
    Thanks leiha It is so good to read what was said with the exception of my typos I meant NASHVILLE next year I'll be there, still sorta trying for cini cant commit but I sure wanna.
    Karen You are what make this Clan stick together.

    OMG! This is wonderful news, Ann!
    I am soooooooooooooo there. Bank on it!
    GGGGGGGGggggggggggggggggina, hola!
    BTW, thank you Karen & Leiha for all of this!

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    Thanks for posting that...can't believe I missed Karen!

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    Really bummed that I missed this. My typing skills are good but not that good......I think I would be posting on the first question would be seen after the fifth question asked....don't know how you ladies keep up...............but THANK YOU VERY MUCH LEIHA FOR POSTING...........

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    Sorry I missed it too. Thanks for posting it Leiha. Thank you Karen & Leiha for making all this possible and to the Maniacs who helped too. So hope to see ya'll in Cincy!!!! ROAD TRIP-YEAH :D !!

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    Default LMAO

    Quote Originally Posted by *Jo* View Post

    OM frickin' goodness! Uuugh. Look what the heck I missed!!
    See what happens when you go on vacation!

    Thanks for posting this Leiha! My first chat with Karen! YAY!!!
    MMPS Warrior Cats

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    Quote Originally Posted by katydid View Post
    See what happens when you go on vacation!

    Thanks for posting this Leiha! My first chat with Karen! YAY!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by *Jo* View Post

    btw, how is/was vacation? We've missed you.

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