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Thread: Karen Chat Transcript (SPOILERS INSIDE)

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    Default Karen Chat Transcript (SPOILERS INSIDE)

    [SueZ] 3:09 pm: :clap: Welcome Karen Marie!!!
    [Karen Marie] 3:10 pm: Hi everyone!! Yes, the site was the announcement, I'm not pregnant
    [Debbie_D] 3:10 pm: LOL not yet.....
    [] 3:11 pm: The site is great from what i've seen so far
    [Cayla] 3:11 pm: the site looks awesome
    [] 3:11 pm: The Site looks great, can't wait to explore!
    Melonie] 3:11 pm: Oh too bad, we could be preggers together
    [Karen Marie] 3:11 pm: Is the new site loading okay for everyone? let us know if you have any problems.
    [jbugsark] 3:11 pm: The site is too cool
    3:11 pm: i'm so glad to have something new to play with... maybe with some more clues.... hehehehehe
    [] 3:12 pm: Clues will work for me too...lol
    [Leiha] 3:12 pm: yeah, we love it and have been dying to share it with you all
    [Riyallyn] 3:12 pm: I was thrilled with how it looked, I have to run on mute at work so I didn't even think about sounds
    [] 3:12 pm: it is beautiful picture and sound, was loading find for me.
    [Karen Marie] 3:12 pm: Congrats Melonie!
    [Leiha] 3:13 pm: has anyone found the song yet?
    [] 3:13 pm: I noticed that the announcement implied 'first phase' in regards to the website... hmmmm... ??? :)
    ] 3:13 pm: Congrats on NYT! Karen.
    [highlanderlas] 3:13 pm: Haven't found the song, had to hop over here
    [Melonie] 3:13 pm: Karen - if we can ask questions, I'd like to know - you said the Fever series came to you "in toto" - were you asleep, driving, having luncj, what?
    [Leiha] 3:13 pm: it certainly helps having fans buy 2 and three copies, LOL.
    [Karen Marie] 3:14 pm: Thanks for the congrats, but take a bow because you all put me there!

    [] 3:14 pm: yes we do buy multiple copies
    [] 3:14 pm: 1) to read
    [] 3:14 pm: I drove 45 minutes for my copy! Well worth it!
    [] 3:14 pm: 2) for notes
    [Melonie] 3:14 pm: I know JKR said the Potter story came to her whole while on a train ride.
    [MeShelle] 3:14 pm: Lol well i have 2 copys...
    [] 3:14 pm: 3) to lend out
    [Jewelstir] 3:14 pm: Karen - is this the highest you debuted? 'cause I have a feeling Faefever will be higher?!
    [] 3:15 pm: Faefever will definitely be higher.
    [Chakacool] 3:15 pm: I was very happy to wait to get my copy. But I called my bookstore to hold it for me.
    [Karen Marie] 3:15 pm: Yes, it is the highest, and my publisher was thrilled with it, so here's hoping I can get them to push the nextone out sooner...
    [highlanderlas] 3:15 pm: Your book Spell was life changing for me in many ways!
    [] 3:15 pm: Just How many sales does #9 represent?
    [] 3:15 pm: but seriously the 1000 plus of us on the boards are just a drop in the bucked - KMM has created a superior product and the world notices
    [Chakacool] 3:15 pm: I hope so. That would be amazing.
    [] 3:15 pm: I want to read it!
    [MeShelle] 3:15 pm: oh Karen if you get us FF sooner well that would be awsome
    [Karen Marie] 3:15 pm: celestial girl, I wish I knew LOL.
    [Melonie] 3:15 pm: Thanks for working so hard despite the hard times with your health - you have made a lot of happy women out there (and probably some men too!)
    [] 3:16 pm: Faefever soon would be most awsome!
    [Jewelstir] 3:16 pm: We'll be glad to help...tell them we'll all buy and extra copy of 3...maybe that will work. (That way we don't have to loan ours out)
    [Karen Marie] 3:16 pm: sorry guys, I'm such a chat virgin that I can't keep up so if I'm missing direct questions, I'm REALLY sorry
    [] 3:16 pm: That is the best news ever! I hope we can push them to release Faefever sooner!! yippie!!!
    [] 3:16 pm: There's too many of us lol
    [] 3:16 pm: No need to keep up KMM, we barely are!
    [Cayla] 3:17 pm: No problem -- there are so many people in here today, it's hard to keep up.
    [Karen Marie] 3:17 pm: and you guys DO disect... I quit going in the spoiler section
    [michaelafaithsmom] 3:17 pm: yes but you did get a beautiful dedication Leiha (note from Leiha: I missed this in chat, yes I did and I loved it!)
    [Karen Marie] 3:17 pm: I just love all the theories you come up with!
    [] 3:17 pm: Are we getting close Karen? :D
    [chickadee] 3:17 pm: Nice song Karen... Hunters and lambs, lol
    [] 3:17 pm: Do we disect too much Karen? Are we over thinking things?
    [] 3:17 pm: karen did you ever imagine that we would dissect the book like that
    [Leiha] 3:17 pm: there are links on the new site, you just have to find them, one will take you to a map and it has a cool new song on it
    [Jewelstir] 3:17 pm: Well if you want to give us something more concrete....
    [] 3:18 pm: Karen I wonder how you take all the speculations, when you think of it, the people on this board have a huge magifying glass on every .. tiny bit of the books!
    [SueZ] 3:18 pm: We have a million theories too
    [Melonie] 3:18 pm: Hemingway always said the same - no matter how many theories people had about his books, he would never confirm or deny.
    [chickadee] 3:18 pm: Lots of clues even in the song alone
    [chickadee] 3:18 pm: Who is the singer in the song?
    [Debbie_D] 3:18 pm: Karen, have you ever used an idea that a fan has mentioned on the message board IN a book?
    [Tonya] 3:19 pm: Karen are you going to give us any clues or tid-bits...Oh please?
    [Karen Marie] 3:19 pm: You all are very, very smart! But I can't type fast enough to respond to all this...
    [MissAmy] 3:19 pm: karen just start your own conversation
    [] 3:19 pm: Thank you KMM for actually CARING and creating a DELICIOUS product
    [Melonie] 3:20 pm: We don't expect you to answer everything...just my questions please (kidding).
    [Karen Marie] 3:20 pm: What do you all want to talk about?
    [Karen Marie] 3:20 pm: Besides JZB

    [SueZ] 3:20 pm: the weather???
    [MissAmy] 3:20 pm: everything
    [Riyallyn] 3:20 pm: That's a loaded question
    [Leiha] 3:20 pm: OMG, did you just open a can of worms, LOL
    [] 3:20 pm: ADAM!!!
    [MeShelle] 3:20 pm: Aww... no JZB well that takes the fun away
    [] 3:20 pm: OR HIS CHILDREN
    [Karen Marie] 3:21 pm: what do you want to know about Adam? Give me one direct questions and maybe I can answer it.
    [Leiha] 3:21 pm: So the question is, will we see Adam or his children again?
    [Karen Marie] 3:22 pm: Um, maybe. But I'll give you this. The reason Adam is only 6,000 is because he drank from the cauldron

    [Lovebugg] 3:22 pm: hmmm interesting
    [April] 3:22 pm: Whoa!
    [Karen Marie] 3:22 pm: He thinks he's that old, it's all he remembers
    [] 3:22 pm: O knew it!
    [Viking Princess] 3:22 pm: i thought so too! YAY one mystery solved ;)
    [] 3:22 pm: He did? hmmmm
    [] 3:22 pm: UR killing me KMM!
    [Leiha] 3:22 pm: I think the girls brains are going crazy now
    [] 3:23 pm: I had only dared think that Adam may have drank from the cauldron
    [] 3:23 pm: What can you tell us about Dani???
    [] 3:23 pm: now that I know that he has, what will I do with myself
    [Karen Marie] 3:23 pm: Frankly, I'll be astonished if I don't slip. It's a HUGE story with so many threads. But I expect you to keep me on my toes.
    [] 3:23 pm: Is she going to be macs sister?
    [] 3:24 pm: Be VEWWY careful KMM
    [Karen Marie] 3:24 pm: Ooh, Tonya, wouldn't you like to know? LOL Can't answer that one.
    [Leiha] 3:24 pm: Maryjane wants to know if there wil be more books related the fae after the Fever series?

    [Tonya] 3:24 pm: We won't mind if you slip!LOL
    [Karen Marie] 3:24 pm: Oracle, I've read some of your posts. I plan to be careful LOL
    [Leiha] 3:24 pm: Melissa wants to know how the hallows left circenn's possesion?

    [] 3:24 pm: Thanks, Karen, your work soothes my nerdly heart!
    [Karen Marie] 3:25 pm: Yes, there will be more books related to the Fae after the Fever series. I already have the series planned.
    [] 3:25 pm: WOW!
    [Cayla] 3:25 pm: woohoo -- that's something to look forward to
    [Tonya] 3:25 pm: what's are they going o be called?
    [] 3:25 pm: that's the best news ever
    [Melonie] 3:25 pm: Your brain must be so packed!
    [Karen Marie] 3:25 pm: The Seelie Hallows were reclaimed by the Queen.
    [] 3:25 pm: That's so great to hear!!!
    [] 3:25 pm: GREAT question Melissa
    [Leiha] 3:25 pm: Meshelle wants to know if mac has any blood relatives
    [] 3:25 pm: I've had so much sugar now I'm shaking and I'm really excited to be here.
    [MeShelle] 3:25 pm: ALIVE
    [Karen Marie] 3:25 pm: The new series is related to Sidhe-seers, Inc. NO working title yet.
    [] 3:26 pm: KMM, if you ever need a research assistant, you know where to look, there's like a thousand of us!
    [] 3:26 pm: I thought so!!!!
    [Karen Marie] 3:26 pm: Can't answer the blood relative question without diminishing a necessary tension in the story, sorry!
    [] 3:26 pm: hahahahahahah
    [Leiha] 3:26 pm: lily wants to know did you leave us clues?
    [MaryKate] 3:26 pm: OOO good question MJ. I can barely contain myself with this series i dont know what i will do when the next comes out. I'll be excited for more i'm sure
    [MeShelle] 3:26 pm: lol... why did i know that was coming
    [Leiha] 3:26 pm: not related to the relatives question
    [Karen Marie] 3:27 pm: On the new website? or in the books? There are a few clues on the website, more in the books.
    [Melonie] 3:27 pm: This is why the books are fun to re-read!
    [Leiha] 3:27 pm: Morfydd wants to know how Rowena got the sword?
    [Lovebugg] 3:27 pm: Yay clues on the website
    [] 3:27 pm: I'm going to post about it but brilliant about the brush...that's all I'll say
    [MaryKate] 3:27 pm: oooo this is almsot torture for FeaFever
    [Leiha] 3:28 pm: Debbie wants to know have you ever used an idea from the messageboard that a fan posted
    [Karen Marie] 3:28 pm: How Rowena got the sword is backstory that you may or may not get.
    [chickadee] 3:28 pm: Nice one Karla... I would like to know as well,, will we see more about Ryodan?
    [Leiha] 3:29 pm: Javafroggie wants t know if mac will find alina's journal in Faefever
    [Karen Marie] 3:29 pm: Debbie, no. The series is already detailed. It came to me virtually complete (and has been driving me crazy since then LOL)
    [Karen Marie] 3:29 pm: Sort of...
    [Karen Marie] 3:29 pm: The sort of was in response to Javafroggie

    [Lovebugg] 3:29 pm: lol nice answer..hehe
    [Debbie_D] 3:30 pm: sort of... *sigh*
    [] 3:30 pm: All the more reason for the publishers to take pity on us
    [Leiha] 3:30 pm: Lovebugg wants t know if Christian will have his own book?
    [Cayla] 3:30 pm: good one Love
    [Karen Marie] 3:30 pm: I'll be planting some more clues on my new blog on the new site
    [Leiha] 3:30 pm: Chickadee wants to know will we have more on Ryodan?

    [javafroggi] 3:30 pm: hmm...intriguing!! Thanks :)
    [Cayla] 3:30 pm: awesome a blog
    [Karen Marie] 3:30 pm: Christian definitely has his own story and I LOVE it. You'll be hearing more about him.
    [Karen Marie] 3:30 pm: Yes, Ryodan, too.

    [Lovebugg] 3:31 pm: great I like him already
    [Karla] 3:31 pm: woohoo
    [Leiha] 3:31 pm: Melissa wants t know have we met all 5 of the queens druids?
    [Lovebugg] 3:31 pm: I get a drustin feel from him, kinda reserved...
    [] 3:31 pm: This is so exciting
    [SueZ] 3:31 pm: I hope Christian end up with a girl named Leiha!! (Leiha does too! Thanks Sue!)
    [Lilysfire] 3:31 pm: good question!
    [Karen Marie] 3:31 pm: Tonya, I know exactly how, where and when Mac ends up.
    [Melonie] 3:31 pm: Good question Melissa!
    [] 3:31 pm: I wanted to tell you Karen that most of us are in love with JB..lol
    [] 3:31 pm: Oh, I can't take all these gorgeous, intriguing men you keep creating. You're spoiling me for real life!!!
    [MeShelle] 3:31 pm: Oh that sound great Karen... Gosh im running low on nails from thequestions in my head i chew them off
    [Karen Marie] 3:31 pm: Keep guessing about the druids...
    [Leiha] 3:32 pm: Sue Z asks, in BF Rowena had the book of Fae, is this the same book that Gabby had?

    [Tonya] 3:32 pm: Good, I just want to add I hope it's with JB (giggles)
    [] 3:32 pm: she said "when" !
    [Lovebugg] 3:32 pm: awww thats gonna drive me crazy
    [Karen Marie] 3:32 pm: Not the same book. What Gabby had was something swiped from the archives.
    [Leiha] 3:32 pm: Morfydd wants to know can you confirm that it was Daegus and Cian JB ran into?

    [Karen Marie] 3:32 pm: Yes, I will confirm that.
    [] 3:33 pm: woohoo!
    [MeShelle] 3:33 pm: Yay i knew it
    [Melonie] 3:33 pm: Ok - now I'm dying to start reading BF!
    [] 3:33 pm: talking to karen RULES!
    [] 3:33 pm: Yes My favorite men!! Cian:heart:
    [Tonya] 3:33 pm: yay!Always good for hot men to be grouped togetherLOL!
    [Leiha] 3:33 pm: have we seen the last of fiona from Michaelsmom
    [Debbie_D] 3:34 pm: WOHOOOO
    [Leiha] 3:34 pm: Tonya wants to know if you know who Mac will end up with?
    [MaryKate] 3:34 pm: Oh man, Karen you know how to torture us?
    [Karen Marie] 3:34 pm: New highlander books? I don't know. I wish I could give you a more concrete answer but right now I can't see past theFever series. I love my Highlanders, tho and miss writing about them.
    [Karen Marie] 3:35 pm: No, you haven't seen the last of Fiona.

    [] 3:35 pm: I didn't think so
    [Lilysfire] 3:35 pm: she said she did know who mac ends up with!!
    [Karen Marie] 3:35 pm: Yes, I know exactly how, when and where Mac ends up.
    [MissAmy] 3:35 pm: i knew it
    [claudia celestial girl] 3:35 pm: OMG
    [Leiha] 3:35 pm: lily says simple yes or no, have any of them been right with their theories?
    [Karen Marie] 3:35 pm: No I didn't Leiha, I said precisely I knew how, when and where Mac ends up.

    [] 3:35 pm: she said "WHEN" !! I can't wait to dive into the forum and dissect all of these answers
    [Melonie] 3:36 pm: Lily - that's a wide open question!!!!!
    [] 3:36 pm: Ouch on the when
    [Karen Marie] 3:36 pm: Youguys make writing so much fun! Thank you!
    [] 3:36 pm: Thank you for doing the writing
    [javafroggi] 3:36 pm: You make READING so much fun :)
    [Leiha] 3:36 pm: People are curious about what is under the garage. Any details you want to share?
    [claudia celestial girl] 3:36 pm: You make reading an aweful lot of fun, yourself.
    [Karen Marie] 3:37 pm: Nope, no details, sorry.
    [Karen Marie] 3:37 pm: LOL

    [] 3:37 pm: HOWS YOUR HEALTH MS KAREN?
    [] 3:37 pm: thank you karen! you gave us this world! we love it!
    [Leiha] 3:37 pm: chickadee wants to know will there be a death of anyone important?
    [Karen Marie] 3:37 pm: Thanks for asking MacKeltar lover, I'm healing, slowly but surely!
    [Leiha] 3:38 pm: Aeris wants to know if there will be anymore berserkers?
    [MeShelle] 3:38 pm: So glad to hear that Karen
    [Karen Marie] 3:38 pm: Perhaps.
    [MeShelle] 3:39 pm: Karen you are doing really good in not giving anything up... Maybe a little too good:D
    [Tonya] 3:39 pm: God bless you Karen! I hope you get better
    [Karen Marie] 3:39 pm: Oh, I'm so sorry! I keep meaning to answer this. I currently don't have any berserker stories planned but I never say never, because I originally wrote that story VERY differently than it was published.
    [] 3:39 pm: yay!
    [] 3:40 pm: i wanna read the unpublished version lol
    [] 3:40 pm: lol
    [] 3:40 pm: me too!
    [] 3:40 pm: I hope Ryodan will feature largely in the series?
    [Melonie] 3:40 pm: Karen, sounds like the writing is helping you heal - I know when I was very sick with Grave's disease, reading and writing helped keep my mind off my body
    [] 3:40 pm: Will we see more of Dani?
    [MeShelle] 3:40 pm: Karen why did you have to go and say that... Now we all want to read the unpublished version
    [Leiha] 3:40 pm: KMM, what is YOUR favorite book of your own works??
    [Melonie] 3:40 pm: I hope the writing remains a source of happiness for you, and never feels like a chore
    [] 3:41 pm: Have we met all of the types of characters we're going to meet (ie: druids, sorcerers, fae, etc...) like are there any... wolves?
    [Karen Marie] 3:41 pm: Ryodan will feature in the future in a big way, if not in this series, the next
    [Melonie] 3:41 pm: Especially since there are so many of us waiting for your next work!
    [Karen Marie] 3:41 pm: Yes, more of Dani
    [chickadee] 3:41 pm: OMG SWEET!
    [mommaj] 3:41 pm: It is never a chore to read your writing, Karen!
    [Shari] 3:41 pm: how do you say Ryodan? (pronounce?)
    [] 3:41 pm: Whoo Hoo! I am so curious about Ryodan!
    [] 3:41 pm: YES !!! I LOVE Dani!!!! Thanks Karen!
    [Karen Marie] 3:41 pm: My favorite is always the one I'm currently working on but KISS and DARK, Dageus and Drustan have a really special place in my heart.
    [Viking Princess] 3:42 pm: What about V'lane? Is there any cryptic hints about him ;)
    [] 3:42 pm: Dageus is my fav!
    [] 3:42 pm: same here Aeris
    [Leiha] 3:42 pm: Tonya wants to know will JB tattoo mac again?
    [Karen Marie] 3:42 pm: Rye-o-din sort of

    [SueZ] 3:42 pm: Kiss and Dark are wonderful!!
    [Karen Marie] 3:42 pm: V'lane makes me shiver....LOL
    [] 3:43 pm: Karen, you said someone is the Fever series obsessed you more than any other...is that JB?
    [SueZ] 3:43 pm: Ryodan = Odin??
    [] 3:43 pm: V'lane scarse me a little. He has lots of Power.
    [Viking Princess] 3:43 pm: LOL
    [Sara] 3:43 pm: In a good way?
    [mommaj] 3:43 pm: JB makes me pant!
    [Karen Marie] 3:43 pm: It's either JB or V'lane.
    [Viking Princess] 3:43 pm: V'lane's hot ;)
    [Karen Marie] 3:44 pm: Okay, two more questions and I have a doctor appointment.
    [Tonya] 3:44 pm: will jb tattoo Mac again
    [Shari] 3:44 pm: prayers are with you
    [Debbie_D] 3:44 pm: good luck at the Dr
    [Karen Marie] 3:44 pm: Thank you! They give me too many shots.
    [oracle] 3:45 pm: our prayers are with you
    [Karen Marie] 3:45 pm: Leiha, shoot me two questions cause I can't pick
    [Leiha] 3:45 pm: Will we find out what Dageus and Chloes babies were are?
    [Karen Marie] 3:45 pm: No, but I could probably give you a little side scene sometime...

    [Shari] 3:46 pm: side scenes are good
    [Debbie_D] 3:46 pm: yes! please
    [highlanderlas] 3:46 pm: thank you
    [Lilysfire] 3:46 pm: last Q make it goood leiha!!!
    [Leiha] 3:46 pm: Have we met all of the types of characters we're going to meet? Druids, sorceres fae etc?
    [] 3:46 pm: love the side scenes!
    [oracle] 3:46 pm: woooohooo!!
    [chickadee] 3:46 pm: good question
    [Karen Marie] 3:47 pm: There are more types of Fae coming, and some mythology that will really flesh out the world and what's going on. Thanks everyone for coming and chatting! YOu guys are the BEST!!!
    [Melonie] 3:47 pm: Believe me, my mind had written some side scenes already !
    [MeShelle] 3:47 pm: Karen advise on your next shot. Ask for butterfly needles.
    [oracle] 3:47 pm: YOU, Karen, are the BEST
    [] 3:47 pm: thank you karen! we love you!
    [Debbie_D] 3:47 pm: bye Karen
    [Lovebugg] 3:47 pm: Thank you so much!!
    [Melonie] 3:47 pm: Thanks so much for doing this Karen! Happy Halloween!
    [Karen Marie] 3:48 pm: what are butterfly needles? Are they the insulin syringes?
    [] 3:48 pm: WE LOVE YOU KAREN
    [MissAmy] 3:48 pm: thank you karen form coming
    [Leiha] 3:48 pm: thanks Karen, it was a blast!
    [MeShelle] 3:48 pm: Butterfly needles are a lot smaller
    [] 3:48 pm: Thanks Karen for coming to chat with us!
    [Sara] 3:48 pm: Butterfly needles are the ones they use on kids.
    [Karen Marie] 3:48 pm: Smaller needles, yay! Thanks for the advice. See you guys!!!
    [] 3:48 pm: bye karen
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leiha View Post
    Liberty, the blog is hidden on her new website. Good luck on your search. :happy0158:
    Thanks Leiha. :)
    I found it, actually I found it the first time I went there and I even posted a comment. It just didn't occur to me that was her blog. lol My brain is so scattered right now I can't even think straight.

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    Thanks Leiha for posting the transcript, love the little spoilers
    Moning Maniac#132

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    Thank you so much for posting that chat, Leiha....I missed it!


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    YEAH!!!! Thanks SOOOOOOO much!!!!

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    Thanks Leiha! I didn't get to wait around for the chat so it was great that you were able to post it!! We really appriciate all of your hard work!!

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    Could someone tell me where the blog is? So far I've only had time to load the the first page where the lightening is striking and then the map page. I have dial-up so since they're graphic heavy it took about 20 minutes just for the map to load. Awesome site though...but unless I have hours I won't find half the stuff.
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    Add my thanks to the Bunch, Leiha!!!!

    I was bummed that I had to leave - evil Boss man wanted me to work?! Go figure! LOL

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    Thanks Leiha! You are a doll!

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    Smile Thank you!!!

    Thank you Leiha,
    I am a new member and not familiar with the boards yet. So reading the transcript was a treat! We got to learn some more interesting tidbits. OH and the new site is AWESOME. Thanks again.

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    [Karen Marie] 3:43 pm: It's either JB or V'lane.
    I truly hope it's JB.

    And I reeeeeeeeeeaaallly hope Mac ends up with JB.
    Yeah, you. In here.

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