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    Default All Fever Forums Are On Moderated

    I am sorry to have to do this so soon but apparently some people are getting copies of Dreamfever early and posting about it. That is not cool. We strive to do everything to make this board as spoiler free as possible so that everyone can experience Mac's journey on their own.

    In a couple of days I will be shutting down Dreamfever for all new threads but right now it's moderated. If anyone posts any spoilers in response to a thread I will shut down the ability to respond to threads (which will come when Dreamfever comes out because all discussion will be in Dreamfever discussion forum).

    Any person who posts spoilers before Dreamfever is released will be banned. As you can tell, I am not playing.

    If you don't see your new thread it means you haven't been approved OR it's a thread that already exists in which case it will be deleted.
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    Thanks, Leiha

    I don't won't to accidently read something about the book that someone has actually read - theory is one thing - actual info is another.

    Can't wait until the 18th!!!


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