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Thread: Favorite Audiobook Highlights Playlist from THT

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    Cool Favorite Audiobook Highlights Playlist from THT

    I figure I'll do this for each of the Highlander books... some lists will be much longer, to be sure... but it seemed easier to break it up by book...

    This is My Audiobook Favorite Parts Highlights for The Highlander's Touch

    Moderators, please note these are NOT identical thread postings, though it may appear so at the start... I didn't want to redo the intro differently for each book, but the listed playlist content will be very different. So I am doing a posting in each Highlander book, with the same intro, but with a different audio highlights playlist for each respective book, Okay???

    I've been chatting with a lot of you about how I excerpt special playlists to play only certain scenes from each of the Highlander books on my iPod. This can be done by joining selected tracks, going into options and specifying the start and stop times to fine tune it, and then assembling them into a playlist.

    Being well... Phil G's Eargasmic Pri-ya... LOL, naturally, I did ... yes, I am admitting it... really do this... LOL I have favorite scenes excerpted and set to play. When others learned I'd done this, they asked me to teach them how. Then, they planned to make their own playlists of favorite highlights. So, it occurred to me, it would be fun to share our lists. There might be scenes I've forgotten that I might want to add. And I may have some that you haven't thought of... or if you're still just starting out your playlist, mine might be a good starting place for you.


    I have THREE MEGA HAWT scenes for THT. The first is when Circenn scrys the future and watches himself having sex with Lisa, in graphic and sensuous detail. The second is when he is driving her crazy taunting her over dessert licking whipped cream off a spoon in a wicked sexeh way. She can't take her eyes off him and he purrs "Are you hungry, Lass?" KILLS ME!!!! Woot!!! Third is when he is starting to seduce her and asking her to kiss him, then eventually he tells her to sleep with the angels but come back to Earth and sleep with your devil who would burn in hell for one night in your arms!!!

    My playlist of Highlights is:

    Circenn's Vision of Lisa
    Whipped Cream - Are You Hungry, Lass
    Sleep With the Angels

    So, are there other scenes from this audiobook that you have a special place for in your heart??? Do tell!! What is (or will be) your playlist for this book?
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    When he walks in on her while she's dressing and sees her in her lilac bra and underwear.
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    I like the scene were Duncan is in hysterics laughing at Circenn's engagement

    Makes me laugh every time

    I like the part where he shows her to his place of worship and what he carved. Makes me cry everytime

    plus the parts you already mentioned Dawn
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