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Thread: a ? for Neil.../Answered

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    Default a ? for Neil.../Answered

    when we were at the studio and you sang Rainbow, is that the same one that is on our cd? and if it is, did you plan on it being the live version that went on the cd or was that decided afterward?

    thanks so much for sharing your talent with us and for all the hard work that went into this cd! (oh and DH thanks you for the song BLOODRUSH!)
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    Default Thanks for the fabulous music Neil

    I just love Bloodrush! I can't believe how well Neil captured the emotion of this story. I was pleasantly surprised at all the different music styles, everything from rock, country, folk, electronica with a little rap thrown in too. The various points of view are interesting too. Neil was careful not to give up too much in Woman Child, like in the books Neil lets you know that JZB is lusting after Mac along with every other man. However you don't really get inside JZB's head until the end of the song when he says, "Never gonna set you free". I've never had any doubt that it will be JZB in the end! He's the most intriguing hero ever. Bloorush will help keep me happy until Shadowfever comes out. If there's ever a movie this music MUST be part of it.

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    Default Wow...

    Need I say more? The CD is awesome Neil! I absolutely adore "Rainbow" - the DH on the other hand likes both "Bloodrush" and "Woman Child".

    I don't think any of us can thank you enough for sitting down and sharing with Karen the music you wrote

    Thank you so much Neil!!!!

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    Well, everyone knows how I feel about this song, it's just so emotional and beautiful. And knowing that I was there when it was recorded (trying unsuccessfully not to cry) makes it even more special.

    Thanks, Neil!

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