The evil, dreaded present tense. LOL

Only recently have I actually encountered this in a work of fiction. Usually it is reserved for nonfiction and critical essay type things. Working as an editor for an online publisher I stared at my screen stumped when I got a story in first person present tense that seemed to shift back and too to flashback and present and the tense was in dire need of a good straightening out. I couldn't find a single thing online that walked through writing fiction in present tense with the do's and don'ts and guidelines. Wheter to write the past in simple past or past perfect. Nothing.

When I read Dreamfever I was like...OMG! The present tense is haunting me! NooOoOoOooOOooOOoOOoo!!!!!

But I only noticed it for a few pages. Unlike the ones I have seen that needed help, the present tense in Dreamfever was smooth and flows into the story. It doesn't stick out like a sore thumb, it doesn't draw your attention beyond the original "hey, this is different" moment. I give you mucho props for making the present tense your b****. LOL!

So my question for you, Karen, is a two-parter:
1.) Did you enjoy writing in present tense, or were you happy to go back to past tense again?
2.) Do you have any helpful sites/books that you can share the citations for. I really really need to read up on it so I don't feel like I am blindly editing it again. LOL and there are a bunch of authors on the board that would probably be interested in case they decide to pursue this route in storytelling...without making their editor's brain explode.