I've been wandering around in here for about a month now and have posted a few times so I guess I should intro. myself. My name's Christa, I live in upstate NY with my hubby of 7 yrs and 3 little boys. I stumbled onto KMM books at the library last year and was hooked. I wasn't going to read DF after reading the reviews online, then was going to wait for all 5 to come out, but am now completely obsessed (possessed?LOL)by JB. My favorite book before the fever series came along was Grimm's story. I think I'm partial to it because Jillian is a St. Clair, which is synonymous with Sinclair- and that would be my mom's side of the family, and my youngest son's middle name. My grandparent's came here from Glasgow, and I'm hoping to take my mom there in about 5 yrs. (Oh let's be honest, Grimm is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Just want to say, thank you ladies for being as enraptured with these stories as I am, I thought I was a little out there before I found this site (which I can now not stop coming to!)

Happy Posting!