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Thread: DarkFever Mysteries

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    Icon21 DarkFever Mysteries

    So while I was collecting quotes as I was rereading DF, I was writing down several mysteries as well that still need to be solved. Thought a post like this would be helpful, since the series is chock full of sooooo many it's hard to keep track of everything (don't know how KMM does it!!) so hopefully this thread is as helpful to you all as it is for me.
    Please note that I haven't included any mysteries in DF that is later solved in the other books up until DrF. Also note that I have a bad memory, so if ya'll know the answer to a mystery I've included please post and let me know the answer (of course, wrap spoiler tags around it and warn other readers it may be a spoiler if they have not read beyond DF yet). Thanks. Also if you wanna theorize on some of these mysteries, by all means, help ya'll selves

    What's Mac's opinion on women who wear black and why did she think she had to revise it when she saw Ro (the old lady) in all black?

    Obviously there's Alina's murder mystery. Who, what when where why and how?

    What happened between Fiona & Barrons in the scene where Mac eavesdrops on them (from a 3rd person pov, i mean)? Why does Fiona's mood change suddenly? (o the disadvantages of getting things from only Mac's POV lol)

    In the scene where Mac notices blood on JZB's hand and he explain's it's from a dog...How and why did Jericho get blood on him? And whose blood was it?

    Another given: What in the world is JZB???!!!!????
    From DF, we know this:
    -Mac always feels electricity around him
    -He didn't eat at O'Bannion's
    -He was playful the ride there
    -But when he was in the room w/ O'Bannion 99% of him was focused and being used up on something else. what/who was it being used/focused on? and why?
    -his strength is immense, and beyond human
    -he's faster than a human too!
    -occupies more space than is due
    -never seen him sleep. does he need it??
    -always gone all day. What does he do all day????
    -dude can land from very high places w/o breaking a bone
    -Barrons can walk among the shades. how and why? also, in the last chapter, he hints that it has something to do with what he is...hmmmm
    -he's silent when he walks for his height and weight

    Just how much does Fiona know about Jericho??? And out of pure curiosity, I wanna know the details, every last one of them, of their relationship!!! Why did she tell Mac to lock her door, as if Mac wasn't safe from Barrons?

    Who was following Mac that night??? And why? i'm talking about the day Barrons was outside Mac's hotel at like 3 or 4 in the morning, and Mac had gotten the sensation she was being followed/watched. Why was Barrons there? And was he the one following her?

    Mac saw JZB wearing a silver celtic wrist cuff and black and silver torque. do these carry any significance as to what JZB is? or is his powers? and why was he wearing the torque??? he doesn't wear it everyday, so why that day??

    When Barrons and Mac are following the Gray Man, where did Barrons disappear too??? p.236 (HC) ch 19 Mac heard a scrape of metal. what was that all about???

    p.241 ch 19 scene with the Gray Man. What did the LM do to ''the last pretty sidhe-seer"? How did the Gray Man know alina? and know that she begged for death? does this mean he was there (at her murder)? did he play a role in her murder?

    Just how much did she know and did not know about who and what she was, about the Fae and the SD, before she died??? Did she know she was adopted? Being two years older than Mac (and four when they were adopted) did she have any memories from before the adoption?

    Alina's apartment looked like it was searched. Or someone went through in a fit of rage. which was it? If someone was looking for something, was it her journal/album/photos/planner? Was it done before or after the murder? Did the murder(s) do it or someone else entirely? Who knew about her journal? Did the LM--remember, Mac did not see Alina's journal at his place along with her photos, albums and planner--know about it, b/c it seems he didn't have it. Why did the LM have her stuff anyways? to keep his identity safe? or b/c he loved her?

    Where did Barrons appear from in the scene with Inspector Duffy??? How much did he hear of their convo and such?? he's so silent for his body type and height

    Barrons saw Mac fight. p.290 ch. 24 What did he think of it/her? How'd he feel? what was going through his mind? Same questions for when Malluce smacked her across the warehouse. Also, what the hecked happened while she was unconscious--the doleman was open.

    just explain the whole scene on p. 294-5 (HC) ch 24 from either JZB's POV or 3rd person. I just want to know what the heck is going on in JZB's head!!!! and more about that kiss....

    How do Barrons and V'lane know each other?

    What happened to Alina's planner and albums? Did Barrons take them or did they simply fall out (but not the photos) while fighting/flying across the warehouse when Malluce back slapped her?

    A mystery that abukhar pointed out:
    Quote Originally Posted by abukhar View Post
    everyone made really good points but I have a question in DF on pg 172 I think it is Mac said that semen was not found inside Alina but something else was......what was she talking about

    a mystery or 2 moonbeam pointed out (and i apologize if i hadn't added yours!! just remind me and i'll get to it)
    Quote Originally Posted by moon_beam26 View Post
    Barrons' garage windows are painted black.
    LM house on LaRuhe windows are painted black.

    PB pg 311 "There were many pictures of them together that had obviously been taken by someone else - yet not one person had been able to describe him to the police..." Who is the one taking the pics? Was he/she involved in Alina's death?

    hmmm, if we're gonna theorize, how about we DON'T theorize over the big obvious ones we have already theorize over and over again. and let's theorize over the ones we haven't. They'll be something new :) but plz hide/warn about any spoilers for those who haven't read past DF!!
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    by VP--she freakin rocks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moon_beam26 View Post
    I just finished rereading DarkFever. It was only my second time reading it and I didnt search any other posts or threads to see if any of the things I noticed were discussed but as I've read through others I haven't noticed any mentioned. My apologies if already discussed.

    PB pg 69 "According to legend, the key to deciphering the ancient language and breaking the code of the Sinsar Dubh was hidden in four stones. Four is a sacred number. In an accomplised Druid's hand, an individual stone can be used to shed light on a small portion of the text, but only if the four are reassembled into one will the true text in its entirety be revealed. If im not mistaken, didnt Barrons tell Mac at some point it was ok if he didnt have all the stones?

    Barrons' garage windows are painted black.
    LM house on LaRuhe windows are painted black.

    PB pg 166 One of the few items not disturbed in Alina's apartment was a framed picture of a seaside cottage. Could there be something hiding behind the pic or is the pic itself something. For that one thing to be mentioned I would think it bares signifigance.

    PB pg 311 "There were many pictures of them together that had obviously been taken by someone else - yet not one person had been able to describe him to the police..." Who is the one taking the pics? Was he/she involved in Alina's death?
    These questions are answered somewhat but we aren't allowed to discuss the other books here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by airbear82 View Post
    These questions are answered somewhat but we aren't allowed to discuss the other books here.
    Really? I don't remember them being mentioned in the other books but I have only read the books one time and am currently rereading them. Thanks for telling me so I will keep my eyes open.

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    Sorry, don't know how to quote, MV asked about the blood on Barrons. Just for fun speculation: She said she would later find out it was human blood. What eats human blood? Vampires. There's a lot of talk of vamps between Mac and JZB-how to kill them-JZB doesn't know, but he does know what won't work. They talk about who turned Maluce and why he/she shouldn't have. The UK turns dark trying to make his concubine immortal-if he's say, a vamp he could make her one, thereby making her immortal. JZB never sleeps, at least not on paper, and he's never seen in daylight. Shades eat the living, but ignore JZB, vamps are undead. Maybe not dead, but certainly not living. Also, anytime there's blood around, JZB acts funny and his eyes look wierd. Any ideas?
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