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Thread: It's official--FEVER graphic novel in the works!

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    Default It's official--FEVER graphic novel in the works!

    I'm so psyched because I've had a story driving me nuts for a while, in the Fever world that I just couldn't fit anywhere. When Del Rey approached me and asked if I was interested, I jumped at it. They've done a fantastic job with Jim Butcher and Patricia Briggs. Mine will be done similar format, hardcover, full color, wonderful art. I'm looking forward to working with the various artists to bring the Fever characters to graphic novel life! I can't say much about the storyline, yet....but will keep you guys posted as it moves along....

    back to the cave and Shadowfever which just keeps going and going....sigh.

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    Awesome! Canny actually wait for this!!

    P.S I'm not Scottish but I love writing 'Can't' in a Scottish accent. Yeah. Freak.

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