cause to me it seems redundant.
ok i was volunteering at the high school. and KAtie goes there. shes in the GED program, which, if you arent familiar with, it where you take a class for a skill, and you take the GED test, and you get a GED, not a diploma.
well, apparently, according to Katie, if you dont get pass this test (which is the equivilant to the eigth grade leap test) you still get to walk for graduation.
does that make sense? you didnt pass the test, and you arent graduating, but yet... your in graduation?
no no no.
and im sorry, but if you spend all these years in this program, which doenst teach you anything, then, maybe, just maybe, you should put the effort into actually passing your regular classes so you can graduate with a diploma. but no.
i know almost everyone at this school, even though i graduated years ago. i volunteer for the summer school program and when i finish with school at the end of the year, i help out in guidance or the office. and the kids in this program do not try and thats the reason they are in this program. now, why on earth would you make this program? to me, all it seems to teach them is, hey, i dont have to try. and if you graduate from this program, they give you a grant for college.

EXCUSE ME!!! i worked for four years to get a 4.0 and a scholarship. and then, i still had to take out student loans to pay for all this. and some kid that never tried a day in their life to succeed gets it all handed to them?
now disabled kids, i understand. my younger sister has a learning disbility. and shes in what they call an alternative program, which teaches her everything a regular class would learn, but its smaller so more one on one.
but this program?
may i ask, WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING, school board office.
now there has been one instance that i understand. my friend Ed moved here from California, and he was a senior, but not all of his credits would transfer. so he did it.
he graduated after the first semester.
thats how its done.
not four or five years, theres even a kid who was there my freshman year, and is still there.
this doesnt teach them anything.
its like becuase they dont want to try, they are special and should get everything handed to them.
i dont beleive in stupid people. just people who dont want to learn.
but im questioning that. cause there people at the school board are retarded.
i really cant beleive this crap.

and im sorry if i offended anyone.