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Thread: How long between Touch and Darkfever?

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    Default How long between Touch and Darkfever?

    Do we know how many years pass in between touch and Darkfever? Or how many years in between Touch and Spell? TIA
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    I found this lovely time line Rachel put together here
    In the interest of ease, I was thinking of assigning the start of the Fever series time line in April 2010 -- this would be 5 years after the initial publication of Spell of the Highlander in 2005. I based the 2000-portion of the time line by the publication of Kiss of the Highlander and then following the events from that point since they overlap fairly closely. I confirmed on Karen Marie Moning's boards that the events in Fever take place 5-6 years after the events in the Immortal Highlander which takes place a few months after the events in Dark Highlander.

    If you're so inclined, you can figure it out exactly by mapping the months.
    Touch = Circenn & Lisa - but they zip about time and realms so it is difficult to know exactly.

    Hope this helps.
    I've been working on a time-line myself - but I found Rachel's completed one and haven't compared it to my dates yet.

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