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Thread: "Call the beast, unleash it with me"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ollie View Post
    3 girls. Alina, Mac and Dani
    Maybe they are the 3 in 939 Revamal street.


    Three is a complete cycle unto itself. It is past, present, future

    Alina, (past) Mac (present), Dani, (future)

    There are three wishes, genies have three wishes, three leprecons, three prince or princesses, three witches, three weird sisters among others.

    (Barrons last chance?)

    Celtic: Bridgit is threefold; there are the Three Blessed Ladies and innumerable Triads, often a threefold aspect of the same divinity.

    There are 3 phases to the moon.

    The astral or emotional body stays connected to the physically body for three days after death.

    Barrons (never assume somthing is dead untill you have poked its asshes and come back )

    The symbol of three is the triangle

    Nine (9)

    Nine is symbolized by the two triangles which are a symbol of male, fire, mountain and female, water, cave principles

    Barrons and Mac?

    Celtic legend symbolizes nine as a highly significant number. It is a central number with the eight directions with the center making nine. Nine is connected with the Beltane Fire rites which are attended by 81( 8+ 1= 9) men, nine at a time.

    (Barrons and his 8=9)

    So if 3 is one triangle and 9 is 2 triangles, could the 9 represent a "mirror" image of the 1 triangle? A reflection of the first triangle?

    2)Beast in the book, ryodan acted like it couldn't hurt anyone? But who knows. The book still was killing anything around it. To keep what inside it safe???
    But why would it need to kill to keep everything in side it safe? Why not just hide? And the BOOk was picking its own victims.

    The beast at the end according to Ryodan had to either be outwitted or die to get Mac out of the Silvers. It was her protector, but it would kill her way out. So does that mean, Alina had to die. She was protecting Mac but maybe she didn't understand the whole picture of what she was doing???
    You have 1) the beast protecting Mac, 2) Alina protecting Mac, 3) Dani protecting Mac at the abbey.

    Both the beast and Alina have died. Does this "foreshadow" what it to come for Dani?
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    Somewhere in the mist o' time
    a Fever rages in a Highlander "mine"~~
    Dual breath in a Druid born
    An Immortal lad of a Keltar lore~~
    Souls of the present meet the soul of past
    No canceling out of the sexy extra large Keltar lad~~
    Two of his kind, one stays behind
    in the past and in a present kin~~
    I'm trying to find A missing Keltar "Mine"
    Oh Dageus wherefor are though my friend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lycans View Post
    What about at the end of SOTH, the last page in the paperback version, when KMM is telling us about what she has planned for the future?
    She says something about a mystery, and about (not verbatim) the KEY is found in an old/ancient Scottish church.
    Seriously, go look it up. I would give you the exact phrashing, but I have misplaced that book and Adam's book.
    doesnt Alina's name mean "Keeper of the Keys" or is that one of the meaning of Mac's names?
    I was in the back of IH re-reading what it says about the key.

    Karen writes in Dear Reader.

    A facinatiing mystery, the key of which has been hidden for centuries in an anceint Scottish chapel.

    I think Alina and Macs names mean, keeper of the keys.

    But Mac and Alina have not been hidden for centuries in a ancient chapel. Right?! Course with all the faery and time lines and no again ect....Mac having "dreams" of a cold sad woman, who knows for sure.

    And the only time i remember anything about "hidden" was when Darroc told Mac that Alina had "hid" her from him. By not telling him about Mac.

    But if Macs name means keeper of the keys, and the key has been hidden for centuries, what "key" is Mac keelper of? Could the "key" thats been hidden for centuries be what Barrons and Christian tryed to raise on all hallows eve? The thing Barrons said was better off slumbering?

    A "key" unlocks doors/locks. The sin-sar dubh has locks. Will this mystery key unlock the BOOK? And if Mac is the keeper of the keys, could this be how she is "kindred" to the BOOK?

    I can't see Mac as being the key that has been hidden for centuries in the chapel, so what is the key and how is Mac the "keeper" of it? Is the "Key" the SOM?

    Of course if Mac and Alina lived in faery as children, never growing old, (hidden) and the chapel has a porthole to faery, and the BOOk was awaking under the abbey, (ancient chapel?) this might be when they where taken and adopted out. IDK

    But it says the key has been hidden for centuries. I guess the key could be the BOOK itself. The book being the Key to the SOM. Mac is a keeper of the keys, so would that make her the next in line to recieve the SOM, making her a princess, a Queen in her own right?

    The only thing is UK poured his darkness into the BOOK and over time the BOOK took on a life of its own. To recieve the SOM will Mac haveto also recieve the darkenss UK poured into the BOOK? Or will she leash the beast it is!!!

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    "Call the beast, unleash it with me."

    In the August teaser V'Lane tells Mac, " I suspect if his Hunter is here in your city, the king is, too.

    Now this in in Shadow, so i wonder if the beast LM had wanted Mac to call and unleash is the Kings Hunter?

    Did Mac somehow have the beast/Hunter inside of her? The scarey place she is afraid to examine to closely? Her birth right?

    And since she is now in HER city and not Barrons city, yeah i think she is in another mortal realm that she calls her city, like Barrons has "his city" but not his world. she has unleashed the beast/Hunter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aprilssix View Post
    OK, Lm tells MAC to call the beast.

    Why must she be the one to call it?

    "Unleash it with me" does this mean the "beast" is being held somewhere against its will?

    What is all so important about this beast?

    Could it be one of the Baying things Mac hears beneath Barrons garage?

    "call" the beast. IYD?
    I agree with others, the beast is the book. Darroc needs one of the Lane girls to find the book.

    Ryodan calls the animal at the end of Dreamfever a creature, not a beast. It is Mac who lables the creature a beast.

    When Darroc asks her to call the beast the only beasts we have been introduced to is payra Mac and the book.

    Ryodan thinks and Mac senses that the book(beast) is following her. Is she calls out to it and gives it what it hungers for (a body) then Darroc might be feel that he can control it.


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