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Thread: What it's like to be a Moning Maniac

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    Beauitfully put Karen!
    siggy courtesy of Pyxie

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    Default To me...

    It's having a place to go to online where I can connect with others of similar interest. You guys get my book, highlander, Scotland obsession like no one else will. :)

    It's also really the only positive place online that I can find. Everyone's so open, caring and supportive here.
    I've made some wonderful friends, and have seen so many ladies here work at their dreams of becoming a writer and reaching that dream. That right there gives me motivation to do the same.

    Oh, and thanks to ladies in the "naughty" section of the forum I've been introduced to all sorts of new hotties. I've also learned that no matter how old you are, women are just as dirty as men. lol

    I haven't had the chance to meet anyone in person yet, but one day I will!

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    As I posted when someone asked what our screen names meant, ShadowHeart is the "other" side of your personality... and not one I can share with most people. In my day-to-day work life, I must be conservative and business like (well, sort of, LOL!). Fuzzy just thinks I'm suffering from mid-life something.

    These boards have let my "other" side (my ShadowHeart) out with women who think the same things about MIK, hot bodies on a Friday thread, and several of you ( who shall remain nameless) Jayzee Victoria Jill Rose to name a few have provide unending bouts and gales of laughter.

    So in short, the friendship, the laughter, the helping hands.... you all have made these boards come alive, a place to be my "otherself", a Maniac.

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    I also did some lurking before joining the boards. I'm a private person and don't like to talk about feelings, likes and dislikes with everyone, especially strangers on the internet. However, after visting the message boards and reading posts for several months, I finally joined last fall in 2009. Still took me awhile before I began posting though. This is the one place where everyone understands my obsession with the Fever Books and the Highlander books. I try to tell my DH about exciting scenes in the books, but he just looks at me as if I have lost my mind. But, he did bring home one of KMM's Highlander books hardback edition that he bought at a yard sale! So sweet! Why would anyone sell their hardback edition?! Crazy! So, reading the Fever Books and Highlander Books have really stirred my Scottish and Irish blood. I have really enjoyed coming to these boards and reading the different opinions and theories and laughing at the suggestive comments. KMM's characters have really come to life for me on these boards and gave me the escapism I was craving. I am ashamed to say that some of my responsibilities have been neglected because of this obsession, but hey, I'm not feeling too guilty about it! Especially, when I see all of the other Moning Maniacs here and I'm guessing they are neglecting responsibilities too! Thank you Karen and Leiha and all of the Moning Maniacs for giving me a place where I don't look like such a geek or a crazy woman because of my obssession with Barrons! Love, Love, Love Barrons and I'm not the only one!

    "Woman, you make me crazed." JZB

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    Quote Originally Posted by karen555 View Post
    SEVERAL years ago, I was at my 1st RWA chapter conference. i wrote a novel but had NO idea what to do with it. (it was crappy, but I may fix it one day). The #1 BEST piece of advice I got at that conference was, "if you want to learn about writing romance, go buy books...LOTS of books.....study them...study the covers....ask yourself WHY you are buying them & what makes you want to read them.

    I went to the local Walden Books, stood in front of the Romance Section & quickly scanned. Of all the books with all the covers.....one set CLEARLY stood out from the rest. The smokey, sinewy, sultry covers of the Highlander Series called to me. I was INSTANTLY attracted to whatever that author had to say.

    I read Adam's story 1st, but within a month, went back and bought ALL of anything KMM wrote. I LOVED her writing & realized I needed more. The website was as exotic & alluring as the books themselves. I needed more.
    I was in a place in my life where life itself was intense. I needed a positive place to go, to talk about my newfound crush on the characters in these books. I even started giving them to my sister, my Mom...to tell them...I hope to write like this woman one day.

    BUT, it was no longer about wanting to learn to write, but instead....I became a little crazed for these characters. And...a LOT interested in the genre for the 1st time...and, even more curious about other people who loved this stuff as much as I did!

    I actually wrote a letter to Karen asking her about her writing. She wrote back! Well, now that I think about it...it may have been Leiha...but I think of you as 2 halves to a whole for us, the maniacs. The creator & the designer of dreams.

    So, I joined the maniac message board, right around the same time I was studying what brings human beings together. I was working on my (almost done now) PhD in psychology.....but studying what's RIGHT with people. What makes people happy. HOW can I learn from happy people in order to help others be more productive, living quality, optimal lives.

    I found what I've been searching for. You've all proven to me that there is love for others. The friendships, the respect, the FUN, and the joy that the maniacs continuously share is memorable. Outside this safe, loving and playful community, life is slowly becoming less zaney...but inside this sanctuary of KMM fans.....there IS optimal living & a common interest.

    The maniacs ARE everything researchers try to describe to the rest of the world when discussing happiness. AND...they do so without judgement, without pretense, with joy, love, FUN, playfulness, aesthetic appreciation, and just good 'ol MAN-lovin', frisky imagination.

    The maniacs to me are the BEST that humanity has to offer & I am deeply & truly honored to call myself a maniac.

    Thank you all!
    Thank you Leiha for being the glue that keeps us together, but being more like rubber glue so we can move & grow & shift.
    Thank you Karen for creating this world & your endless love of character & fan alike.
    Thank you Neil....for being the guy who Karen is in love with....it helps with the creativity....and great "who-ha" scenes! LOL

    I agree with you, Leiha ...this was beautifully said! So well stated, Karen!

    It's not easy to describe what it's like to be a Moning Maniac, but you did a wonderful job. My favorite parts of your description were phrases such as how this place is

    ... another family for us
    ... a sanctuary, safe place to come to share our thoughts and obsessions, AND they do so without judgment, without pretense
    ... a place filled with joy, love, FUN, playfulness, aesthetic appreciation, and just good 'ol MAN-lovin', frisky imagination.

    I look forward to coming to this message board every day. And I am also grateful for being welcomed and accepted as a Moning Maniac, and proud to be one!
    This is such a fun and wonderful place filled with kind, loving, and talented people!

    ~Designed by DoberDawn~ ~ Designed by Mia~

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    The quote is James Van Praagh

    Default Oh....

    ...and did I mention....my thirst for being able to lust over total hottie's can't really happen anywhere else? That the photos' & pics & GREAT casting for KMM characters that happens here.....well.....it's a lot like the sisterhood of the traveling pants....but
    with total BEEFCAKE.

    In my real world....I can't say that. It's politically incorrect to be so sexist...but here.....the gloves are off!

    OR in the case of someone's pic a few posts ago....the entire everything is off except for fishing waiters & an amazing set of glutes!

    So here's to being "one of the girls".....ladies (and probably guys...if they dare). LOL

    I LOVE dirty minded chicks who don't mind being so. Thanks to Leiha & Karen....we can safely do that here. :)



    Holy crap! I just realized I'm one MacHalo away from being a certifiable Trekky-like crazed fan......oh wait...I'm going to fevercon...I AM that trekky-like crazed fan.
    FeverCon 2010!

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    Talking I love you maniacs!

    Sorry this is so late!
    Just want to say that you ladies (and gents) are the smartest, sweetest, most welcoming group of people! I have only been with you all for about 6 months but already feel very at home! Thank you so much for being so welcoming and so d*mn funny!!!! Happy anniversary to all of you! Wish I could have been here on the 8th!


    By VP ♥

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    I have made alot of friends and done a lot of things I wouldnt normally have done; like record in a studio . I think mostly its made me feel alive again. You do the same things everyday, go to work ,pay bills take care of family. Its given me a time to do something different once in a while, hang out with fun intelligent ladies and laugh! It has added a little , as the french say "jua 'de'vieve" ( Joy of life )
    So thank you all!

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    Default What it's like to be a Moning Maniac

    I think being a Maniac is magical!

    I think we are all drawn together by a positive force that translates into something intrinsically different to each and everyone of us and we feel more alive for having experienced it!

    Thank you Karen and Leiha!

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    Years ago I was a lurker on the old board. Silent all those years. I can't believe 5yrs have passed. With all the frequent flier miles I rack up for my job on the road and all the random hotels, sometimes I don't know where I am when I wake up. As silly as it sounds, checking in here no matter where in the world I am gives me a safe, positive, familiar family. It's like always coming home, with lots of sparkling personalities and Karen, her muse, and Leiha sprinkling a little magic into every day. Thank you wonderful, wonderful women so much.

    Courtesy of VP--queenly in her own right!

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