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Thread: What it's like to be a Moning Maniac

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    Yeth Dammit!! irelandcastillo's Avatar
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    for me this board is one thing. friendship.
    i get to have so many friends from so many places and of so many ages. i can ask questions and receive answers. i get helpful advice and companionship from so many great women. i get good laughs, sexy pictures, new music and books, get to fanasize about sexy Fae V'lane you know i can't resist VP!!, and sexy guys like JZB and KELTARS!!! i get to have an impact in others lives too just by giving encouragement and friendship when it is needed. i found one of the most amazing authors but i didn't know that in finding Karen Marie that i would be finding so many lovely women who make my life a better place each day. i love you guys.
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    I met wonderful people through this forum that I consider as some of my best friends.

    Also y'all understand V'lane and my love for each other and don't judge me for it.

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    To me it means I get to talk to a great group of people who don't think I am insane for my obsessions and who listen to me when I need to vent about things. You all keep me sane. Thank you all so much!
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    And it's introduced me to Gandy Candy....and cabana boys....
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    When it comes to sacrifice-I’d say his was supreme.
    Return Borrowed Books week makes me think Gaulish Ghost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leiha View Post
    I think for many of us, this board has had a huge impact on our lives. I think it would be great to post how being a Moning Maniac has made a difference in your life.

    I know for Karen, this is the one place where she can go on the internet and feel safe. There are so many other places on the web that focus on negativity and she loves how positive and supportive this board is for not only her but for everyone. She doesn't post as often as she wishes she could but trust me, she's on here much more then you think.

    For me, this message board has brought many women into my life that I consider friends and family. I love the people on this board and the friendships that have formed over the years, friendships that I consider lifelong. People may come and go on the board due to what's happening in their real lives but the friendship will remain.
    I say AMEN to that.....and hey, isn't it all about books and rockin tee-shirts??? Seriously, there are a lot of people who only WISH to be us - WOOT!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stapes View Post
    And it's introduced me to Gandy Candy....and cabana boys....
    ....mmmmm....Gandy candy.....

    I honestly can't put in words all the impact this world of KMM's and this place have had in my life. It would take pages. But all I have to do is look down at my hot pink OPI painted toenails to see a constant reminder. A year ago, I couldn't tell you the last time they were polished. Then I read Fever and thought Mac was shallow for being pink polish obsessed. It took Adam noticing Gabrielle's pink toenails before I realized there just **might** be something to this idea....

    As it turns out, my husband thoroughly approves!

    Love you all!
    --V (Dageus' Victoria, not V'lane's)

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    than people with bodies and heartbeats."

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    This place is unlike any other, that's for sure! I can always come here, no matter how long I've been gone, and feel a sense of family here, no matter how many people come and go. Thank you, Karen and Leiha, Lin and Mia for cultivating this kind of atmosphere.

    And most importantly, I had never even heard of Gerard Butler before seeing him mentioned on the old board!!! For that, I can't thank you ladies enough! ;D
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    Quote Originally Posted by Viking Princess View Post
    Also y'all understand V'lane and my love for each other and don't judge me for it.
    I don't?!?!

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    Since joining the forum I have met some of the most wonderful women. I love the gatherings, luncheons and road trips. Especially being able to meet and chat with Karen, Neil and Leiha!!! Ya'll are the greatest! I now have some of the bestest friends here. lol

    The love and support from ya'll means everything! This is a place to come and have fun, to dream, of JZB, the MacKelters and Adam! to just chat about everything under the sun.

    Happy Anniversary!!!
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    First, thank you Karen and Leiha! Love you!

    It is sooo much freaking fun to be a Moning Maniac!!! Since I've been a member of the board, I don't think I have ever been so sleep deprived LMAO ...I'll wake up in the middle of the night and wonder what is going on on the board so I'll pop on for a sec ...I've had some amazing experiences as a Moning Maniac, and I feel so grateful...grateful that I stumbled on to Karen's books, grateful that I've gotten to meet so many wonderful people and share awesome experiences with (so looking forward to FeverCon ) them xoxoxo The board oozes compassion and you can tell how much the board and Karen means to each member, and how much we mean to each other!

    LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Here's to another great year!!!
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    Thanks, Vic!!! xoxo
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