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Thread: I just typed the words THE END for SHADOWFEVER!!!

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    congrats karen! cant wait to read it! enjoy ur down time u deserve it! :)

    thanks DoberDawn!

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    Default Conrates Karen!!!!

    I am happy that you finaly finished ShadowFever!!! I can't wait to get my hands on it. I soooo want Barrons to be alive!! as you can tell I just finished DremFever and dieing to know who that BEAST realy was. Im hopping ti wasn't Barrons!!

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    Thats fantastic! I can't wait to catch the fever all over again! Congratulations on finishing a masterpiece , and thank you so much for sharing with us. I'll be crying those same bittersweet tears of nostalgia once I get to the end of the book, though I agree with Vixn, there are no endings just new beginnings. Enjoy those sugar cookies and rest up, its much deserved!!!
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    Congratulations, Karen! 728 pages of Shadowfever will be just the thing for my usual post-Christmas blues. Mmmm--sugar cookies and champagne and a job well done. Enjoy!
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    I'm torn, I'm so happy it's so big and it's complete and done and at the same time it's like a dear close friend is about to move away from you and won't live at the house next door any more ... But the overall feeling is happiness, after all, we'll be expecting what comes next and it's going to be awesome, your books only got better and better in time.
    I hope you'll enjoy your down time with Neil now, (champagne breakfast ? I see where the Keltars come from, LOL ) so enjoy your vacations and recharge your energy, we'll be here waiting for you.


    PS: Jill, I'm still LMAO at your comment !!!

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    Congratulations, Karen! This is so awesome. Over 700 pages?! You are amazing

    Really looking forward to Shadowfever!
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    Karen! I am so happy for YOU! This whole series is so complex and DEEP! You finished it! You did it! You are my #1 all time favorite author (and I know u must get that all the time) but your books and stories touch my soul.
    I am so happy for you! I know that when I am done reading Shadow Fever in January- I am going to cry too! This has been quite a journey for you and you did it and chugged on even when things got rough with your health.
    WOW! you are quite a woman!

    I am so beyond excited for January to get here so that you can knock my socks off.... yet again!


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    Default Yaaaayyyy!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Karen Marie View Post
    192,000 words, 728 PAGES!

    Now for the champagne and sugar cookies breakfast Neil promised me, LOL.

    I cried. It was so strange. Five years ago I began it, and I just wrote "the end."

    It turned out exactly like I saw it five years ago and I can't wait to share it with you. I think you'll love it.

    I'm going to take a small break now but I'll be hanging out again soon!

    I agree and think this is bittersweet but I'm so EXCITED!!! I know when SF is released I'm going to whole up in my apartment and not want to come out until I've finished it. I'm seriously thinking about taking the time off from work so that I can read it without being interupted!!!

    Congratulations on finishing it!!!


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    I expect (Hoping really) that we will see Mac and some of the others in the next series. Christian's story, Dani's story, and (if Jill prays really, really hard and offers lots and lots of bribes, maybe) Darroc's story. Oh and Ryodan's story *sigh* so many stories to be told
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    Karen, i'm thrilled you have finished ShadowFever, but i can understand why you cried when you finished...i am also sure that many of us will be crying when we finish reading it...it's been a wild and wonderful ride that none of use is ready to end...the only good part is that you are going to continue with the Fever world...i think you need to take more than a short break...kick back and you and Neil go into hiding for a long vacation and rest...we will still be here when you return...bonnie
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