Does anyone have a list of the source books KMM references in this answer? (The books listed as sources at the end of a book)

"I drew some of my earliest inspiration from The Story of the Irish Race by Seumas MacManus (originally published in 1921, but kept in print fairly well) (when I was writing BTHM) and a dozen or so other books that deal in part with Ireland's history. You'll find some good references listed at the end of KOTH, TDH and SOTH (I think, I'm not looking at them right now.)"

I have the list for The Dark Highlander, but need SOTH and KOTH.

Also, is there an ebook for the Seamus MacManus Story of the Irish Race?

I'm trying to do research, and want to read what KMM read and try to put pieces together. I'm hoping to find some clues for Shadowfever.