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Thread: Source books for KOTH SOTH

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    Default Source books for KOTH SOTH

    Does anyone have a list of the source books KMM references in this answer? (The books listed as sources at the end of a book)

    "I drew some of my earliest inspiration from The Story of the Irish Race by Seumas MacManus (originally published in 1921, but kept in print fairly well) (when I was writing BTHM) and a dozen or so other books that deal in part with Ireland's history. You'll find some good references listed at the end of KOTH, TDH and SOTH (I think, I'm not looking at them right now.)"

    I have the list for The Dark Highlander, but need SOTH and KOTH.

    Also, is there an ebook for the Seamus MacManus Story of the Irish Race?

    I'm trying to do research, and want to read what KMM read and try to put pieces together. I'm hoping to find some clues for Shadowfever.

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    I can give you spell but don't have KOTH at the moment


    Astaire, Lesley, Roddy Martine, and Eric Ellington. Living in the Highlands. London: Thames & Hudson Ltd., 2000.
    Bahn, Paul. Archaeology: The Definitive Guide. New York: Barnes & Noble Books, 2003.
    Ellis, Peter Berresford. A Brief History of the Druids. New York: Carroll & Graf Publishers, 2002.
    Green, Miranda J. The World of the Druids. London: Thames & Hudson Ltd., 1997.
    Kennedy, Maev. The History of Archaeology. New York: Barnes & Noble Books, 2002.
    Konstam, Angus and Richard Kean. Historical Atlas of the Celtic World. New York: Checkmark Books, 2001.
    Melchior-Bonnet, Sabine. The Mirror, A History. London: Taylor & Francis Group, 2000.
    Montgomery-Massingberd, Hugh and Christopher Simon Sykes. Great Houses of Scotland. New York: Universe Publishing, 2001.
    Pendergrast, Mark. Mirror Mirror: A History of the Human Love Affair with Reflection. New York: Basic Books, 2004.
    Renfrew, Colin and Paul Bahn. Archaeology: Theories, Methods, and Practice. London: Thames & Hudson Ltd., 2000.
    What Life Was Like Among Druids and High Kings. New York: Time Life Books, 1998.

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    sources KOTH
    Flatland: A Romannce of Many Dimensions, Edwin A. Abbott

    A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking

    Infinity and the Mind, The Science and Philosophy of the Infinite, Rudy Rucker
    Stephen Hawking's Universe: The Cosmos Explained, Stephen Hawking

    The Handy Physics Answer Book, P. Erik Gundersen,

    The Celtic Reader: Selections from Celtic Legend, Scholarship and Story, John Matthews, ed.,

    A Celtic Miscellany: Translations from the Celtic Literature, Kenneth Hurlstone Jackson, ed.

    The Story of the Irish Race, Seumas MacManus,

    Hope that helps,

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    Here is a link to the complete book for
    The Story of the Irish Race by Seumas MacManus

    Happy researching !!!

    Under a Blood Moon

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