I have previously speculated in various threads that sometimes I think that Barrons, and probably the 8 have a hunter form. The new teaser suggests that the UK has a close relationship with at least one hunter and I am leaning towards Barrons being this hunter if he is not the UK.

Anyway, I have pulled together my comments from the different threads and posted them all here (because I'm lazy and couldn't be bothered with one big post):

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ok I know I'm being ridiculous now...
... but I found Mac's quote in Bloodfever regarding the hunters
'The things arrogance was immense as its wingspan'
'I realised then, or had some surfacing of a shred of collective memory, that the hunters were feared even among their own kind. They had something...I wasn't sure what...but something that even their royal brethren didn't mess with. They were of the fae...but perhaps not completely. They served whomever they wished, only if there was something in it for them, and stopped serving whenever they felt like it. They were mercenaries in the purest sense of the word.'
Mac also states in Dreamfever:

'Since time immemorial, they have hunted and killed sidhe-seers. Enforcers of Fae law and punishment, mercenary to the core, they work for whoever pays them with whatever it is they want most at the moment. They flip sides constantly. They have telepathic abilities and can get inside your skull and twist you up on yourself'
Compare this to Barron's memories in Dreamfever:

'I am mighty, I am vast, I am strong...now we are dark as night. We were always dark, feared, above and beyond any law...We who have killed without conscience, taken without question, conquered without hesitation' (this is from the memory that freaked Barrons out)
'I never understood anything about life until this moment. I always sought only my own gain. Mercenary to the core.'
'I was strong. I was cold. I was mighty, and they didn’t even know just how mighty I was. They didn’t recognize me, the fools. I was danger. I was everything they should fear, but they’d lived so long that they’d forgotten fear.'
Add to the above:
  • Mac didn't sense the hunter she and Barrons rode on saying it was 'somehow...dampened'. She could not read its mind either - was barron's worried what she might see?
  • Everyone - seelie, unseelie, royalty is scared of Barrons
  • Barrons and Ryodan appear to have been able to read Mac's mind at times
  • Mac constantly refers to Barrons as 'mercenary' throughout Dreamfever. He is also touchy about being called this
  • When Barrons and the 8 went to get Mac from the Abbey they were in a 'v formation' - isn't this like birds, when they are flying...

Ok, I admit, I have a temperature and no idea if there is any way this could fit in with the story - but does all of this remind you of anyone, or is it just me?

Oh, almost forgot - Mac also speculates there might be different kinds of hunters in DrF:

'These Hunters weren’t just bigger. They were something else, too. Weren’t all of them the same? When the Unseelie King had done his experiments and created his dark race, had he made variations on his themes? Were some of the same castes more deadly and powerful than others?'
And another thing - how comfortable Barrons and the hunter were with each other. There was also a bit of a 'don't push your luck' vibe from the hunter when Barrons patted it which made Barrons laugh - it seemed a bit like an 'in joke' and reminded me, for some reason, of Ryodan's reaction to the thought of being branded by Barrons. There is also the 'there won't be any place you can hide' comment from Ryodan to Mac

I'll stop now
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IF Barrons and the 8 are some type of hunters, I still think it is possible that JZB is the UK. In IH Darroc describes the UK as a 'formidable...creature' and states that no-one knows his true form - implying that he has more than one (therefore could also be the beast).

The tattoos on Karen's blog are dragon like

The 'naked pain' comment

JZB has been 'hunting' the book forever

References to 'nostrils flaring' and 'sniffing'

Pri-ya Mac states that on a predator scale of one to ten, JZB is a ten

Also, IF they are all hunters, I think there may be dissent in the ranks, with Ryodan and the others working for Darroc behind the UK/JZB's back and that is why Ryodan seemed a bit shady at the end...

Could Alina have figured that out - is that what she meant by 'he is one of them'?

Like I said, I'm probably wrong - but once you think that JZB may be a hunter and read back over the books, the mercenary comments just jump out at you, time and time again. The exact same phrase 'mercenary to the core' was used to describe JZB and the hunters

I'm not sure where QA would fit into all of this though - unless JZB's 'what have we done?' memory somehow relates to the 'sin' that the seelie have forgotten...?

Oooh also - Hunters feature heavily in the prologue to Darkfever, but I wouldn't say they have played that big a part in the story so far...

And in DF she wrote that Barrons had told her that they were capable of extraordinary speed on both hoof and wing

Darkfever again - when Mac meets V'lane for the first time and he tries to give her the Cuff of Cruce, he states it was made for 'one of his prized concubines' providing a 'shield of sorts against many unseelie and...other unsavoury things'. Mac asks if it would keep her safe from Royal Hunters and V'lane replied 'yes' - we are later told Cruce suceeded in keeping the concubine from the UK...
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I know this sounds unlikely but I still do think that Barrons is the UK - its just that I think JZB/UK has different forms including hunter and the beast.

I also think that IF he is a 'hunter' he is the biggest and baddest (because he is the UK) and the others would still fear him.

I am also convinced that Barrons and Ryodan have telepathic ability - Barrons always says the look on her face gives her away but I don't buy it - he seems to know exactly at times. Ryodan knew she was planning to call IYD and at the bar two of the eight knew she was reaching for the spear

I also think this is how Ryodan found her - he is a hunter, it is what he does...

Whether this is his natural state or some type of curse, I don't know.

I am also reminded of the UK as featured in ITD

With everything above and the fact that you never know whose side they will be on (Darroc even described the UK in this way) I am just becoming more and more convinced

However, I have said it before and I will say it again - I am fickle!
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I am convinced Barrons has telepathic ability and I also think he might be a hunter. I don't know what the parameters are - if he can do it all of the time, or only in certain circumstances? If he turns it on and off at will?

I have always wondered why, in Bloodfever, he didn't come to get Mac when he saw the hunters:

Mac: 'Why hadn't Barrons come after me?'
My phone rang again. I dug it out.
'I would only make us a bigger target, and I've got my hands a bit full at the moment...'
What was he - a mind reader?

I think instances like this - where he answers questions she asks in her head are too specific to be deep listening. What was going on that he couldn't come for her? Was it because hunters were involved?

Once you look out for the instances when Mac thinks Barrons has read her mind, they are all over the place. If it turns out after Shadowfever that he can, the clues were everywhere

Thats where KMM is so talented - it could be something, it could be nothing...
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Mac's powers Sidhe Seer powers seem to have grown since her, erm...intensive therapy...with Barrons.

I don't quite know how to get across my point, but Mac has described herself and the book as opposites.

IF Barrons is the UK with one of his alternate forms a hunter, and the book contains a part of him - well, a hunter is the opposite of a sidhe seer.

Could this be why her sidhe seer senses have awakened? She has spent months in the company of a hunter (and not just any old hunter)...?

In Dreamfever Mac even says:

"I’d pushed, pushed, pushed violently, stabbed myself brutally deep into his mind with the special sidhe-seer talent that had fully wakened in his bed."

Is it just me, or does anyone else see a link between Barrons and the 8 and the hunters?