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Thread: Secondary Characters...

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    miss lulu

    Default Secondary Characters...

    Oh right, so we have been discussing the main players of the series, but what about the secondary characters?
    (forgive me I don't have the book on me @ the moment)

    Mac's dad: Mr. Lane
    He was upset in the begin of the book when some old college friend called him up. He started to act different. And I believe this is after the news of Alina. So, could that phone call been from Mac's real relatives? And then there the fact that he recieved the photos of Alina's dead body in the alley. Mac saw this as being weird because why would they give a grieving father this photos to look at. And Mac had to ask for hers?

    The old lady in the bar/museum. I think is she the one that has the key to unlock Mac's past. She also mentions the name Patrona? (don't have the book so I don't know if this is the correct spelling)

    Once, I get my hands on the book I'll add more that I can't remember at the moment!

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    I TOTALLY agree with you here, Claudia! Alina's journal is going to be a treasure trove of information and EVERYONE is going to want it!
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    Yes and I am dying to know how she found out about the Lord Master.
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    Mr. Lane: I think that he loves his wife very much and I think he also loves his daughters. I do think that he and Rainey know more about the girls then we know, he was just way to urgent about Mac coming home and forgetting everything in Ireland. I do not believe for a moment that he would do anything to his wife, including drug her. I believe he didn't let Mac talk to her mother because he didn't want her to get even more upset since she is already falling apart.

    Mrs. Lane: I think that she is falling apart for letting Alina go to Ireland even after the warning she got when she adopted the girls. I think that maybe when Alina asked to leave for study her Mother thought that so much time had passed that maybe she was ok to head out on her own and now she is feeling grief for letting her daughter go when she ended up dying.

    The older lady: I think she will def be in the future books. She knows too much to not be!

    Fiona: Well I'm not really sure how to feel about her. She is around 50 right? Barrons is like 30...so go girl on that, except I'm really not a huge fan of that big of an age gap whether it is in a book or not. With that being said I don't think that she would turn her back on Barrons but I don't trust her with Mac...that whole jealousy thing.

    V'lane: Good or bad??!! Seems pretty darn bad to me right now, but everyone is talking about him as if he might turn good...although since I just finished the first book I really don't want to know!

    Malluce: Did Barrons kill him during their fight at the end or will he be back? He seems to be playing on a very thin line by trying to take advantage of the Fae side to try to personally gain...that will be intersting!

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