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Thanks, ladies. :)

Sir Kisses is less than a year old, according to my brother, so I hope to have him with me for a while. He's happy in his 2.5 gallon tank, but my boyfriend eventually wants to go bigger. Thanks for the link, though!

My main problem is water temp. I took the heater out this morning... my thermometer read 86 but I swear the water felt like bath water. It's been out all day and the temp is now 76. If it stays that way, fabulous, but if it drops, I guess I'll just have to get another heater? I'm thinking 78 is where his water should be... did you guys all just skip the heater and keep it room temp? Maybe he's okay when the water drops to 70?

Nope, we didn't use a heater at all~
We kept at room temp & out of the way of windows especially in our northern winter season. That was it. We live in Massachusetts where the weather in winter is nasty & thermostat is set @ 64-68 degrees~