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Thread: Three's a crowd? Sometimes

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    Default Three's a crowd? Sometimes

    Got my first dog Dolly(who is now 15) when I was six years old, grew up with her and life was good while we all lovingly spoiled this dog, then about my fifteenth birthday when I went to the animal shelter and found Norbert, I decided I couldn't live without him so talked my parents into a second dog. Dolly was the prima donna though, and it took her awhile to warm up to her new servant, after all that's all any of us were to her, just certain people where her favorite subjects(mainly mom, and I still feel cheated by this!).

    As you can see my view of what a dog should be is slightly off. Not every dog is white and has a curly tail, but heaven forbid I get one that isn't. Norbert does it with style and unlike my older Shih-poo Dolly, he the American Eskimo is more than willing to let me take his photo.

    Even though he averages for weight around 25 lbs, he lets Dolly who is on average 6 lbs walk all over him. Probably the best behaved dog out of the whole lot and he knows it.

    Two years ago, my grandma thought it would be a good idea to get a Yorkie-poo puppy for her and my gramps. Now, her record of picking out dogs isn't all that swell being which one a throwback and another with a heart condition(all have been Yorkies too), and so we weren't surprised when she said she couldn't handle the pup, who was at the time about 3 pounds. She swore up and down that he wouldn't get bigger than 6 pounds and that there wasn't anything really wrong with him (except he liked to get under foot) and really when you have a cute Yorkie looking puppy with curly fur and an adorable face you can't say no. Still have to find a picture as proof that he was hand sized at one point, I know the picture exists.

    Forget 5 pounds, how about making that a 15 pound pup who "acts like he's inhaled 13 double shot espresso's each morning"(a nice quote from our vet). He'd originally been known as Bandit (for when Gramps had named him he had an obvious white mask around his eyes), but true to the nature of our house, he didn't stay looking like a Yorkie, but did what some do called 'silvering' and became as close to a white dog as his genetics would allow, we then changed his basically masculine name to "Sparkles". He answers to; Sparky, Sparks, Sparkles, Sparklicious, Sparkless and Sharky (last two were given by my father). Might have ended up being a handful and mom might have thought he was part opossum but he wormed his way into everyone's heart and really, how can you say no to that face?

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    Awwww, they are all precious!!! They can worm their way right on into your heart. I sleep every night with a diva Lasha and our most recent rescue a ****z su. Seems I am their personal pillow! Love our 4 legged kids!!

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