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Thread: Atlanta Shadowfever discussion and book signing details

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    Default Atlanta Shadowfever discussion and book signing details

    Georgia Center for the Book
    Discussion & Signing by KMM
    Thursday, January 20th
    DeKalb County Public Library
    215 Sycamore St.
    Decatur, GA 30030

    Neil will also be performing songs from ShadowSong. If any of you have seen him play live, you know what a treat that is!
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    There are TONS of us in the Atlanta area! You guys should check out the party we are having on Sat in Atlanta. Bring your Nana as well! The details are on the board under Clan Gatherings. We would love to see you there as well.

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    Thanks! I checked it out; it looks pretty fun! And I wish my Nana was well enough, but I'm sure she appreciates the invitation. I am bringing a friend, who is doing the driving, because my car can only make it so far these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LatinaLass View Post
    I was wondering the same thing Jean. Will Shadowsong be available for purchase and for Neil to sign like he did at the Cincy signing? That would be nice.
    thanks Latin Lass! Glad to know I'm not the only one! Now if the powers that be had time to answer us! I really think Neil will, he has always has. He's nice that way;)

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    Going Crazy!!!! Can't wait till Tuesday...my plan is to drop my youngest off at Preschool @ 9am and then go set in Borders parking lot until they open at 10am. After getting my copy, I will proceed to hall butt home to get lost in Shadowfever!!! Might need to set my alarm to make sure I don't forget to pick up my girls at school... I'm so excited that I'm driving my husband CRAZY!!! Love It!!

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    Ah, my SIL, her husband and son are THERE! Just called me, I'm so excited for them (yes, her husband read the series, too, the son is on Darkfever) Wish I could get in touch with any of you there to say 'go greet them' because they are not on the forums (they're new to Karen's works) and they don't know anyone there!

    Added after the event:
    Well, my SIL and her husband called me after the event to give me the rundown! They had an EXCELLENT time and were quite impressed with both Karen and Neil. And feeling quite hyped, too. They were glad they had finished SF before the signing and loved the way Karen handled Q&A. They said a few times about how nice everyone, including the audience was, too. I think they are hooked and already looking forward to the next event. SIL was thrilled that Karen took the time to talk to them, unlike some other authors that hurry through signings will do. (Although I'm slightly embarrassed, her husband said they introduced themselves as KJ/Kim-by-Proxy since I wasn't there and they wouldn't be either if I hadn't gotten them hooked.) So thank you, Karen and Neil, for making their first Fever event special! Now if only *I* can ever make it to one of your events!!
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