ok, maybe i'm missing/forgetting key information so u might think i'm a lil crazy for thinking this/finding this odd. but it's just something i remembered

Adam Black's true name is 'adam black' in gaelic (amadan dubh)
why is his true name in gaelic but not v'lane's???? v'lane's, we can't even pronounce b/c it's in an ancient fae language.
in order to compel a fae, u have to know and pronounce his true name.

my thing is, the fae aren't even from around here to begin w/ so why would adam's name gaelic in the first place????

now, i only thought this mild speculation, not worthy of posting on the boards until i got to HT and adam said ths:
Ch 21, p. 245 (paperback)
Still, Adam thought, there were times when even a demigod such as himself couldn't resit. there was something about the world of man that fascinated him, made him think he had perhaps he had once been more similar to them than he could clearly recall, his memories dimmed by time's passage.
i find it odd he considers himself a demigod as opposed to a god. but that's besides the point.

could it be that Adam was human at one point???? is it possible??? something tells me that KMM knows more about adam then she ever let on!

what other ideas could explain him "being more similar to the human race" (paraphrased, of course)? that is, if he ever had been. he could've been simply musing, wondering what made him so fascinated w/ the human race as he was. even the QA didn't think it was natural.