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Thread: Mac and the concubine

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    Question Mac and the concubine

    Something is nagging at me.
    I understand why Mac had the memories of UK. But why did she remember the thoughs and feelings of the concubine? She wasn´t part of Uk (aside from the moments he was inside her hehe) nor his creation.....
    In the White mansion, she remembered that the concubine loved the winter wing.....
    " Sunshine to his ice, frost to her fever"... and then the scene with Cruce and the potion he gave her.
    I know that something about the memories being still present in the WM was mentioned in the book, but then, Barrons was with her and he didn´t see that memory. The UK wasn´t present back then eighter, so she couldn´t remember it through him...so
    why WHY W-H-Y???
    almost quoting Mac: "Will questions never cease"?

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    I've just read through the whole conversation and I'm so impressed by how much thought you've put into the matter!
    As I've just finished reading the Highlanders, all is still a bit confused to me, and I still haven't thought all the information that we received in SF through. But this whole conversation was much enlightening and I've been pondering about the timeline and the ultimate goal of QA in both series!

    So if she foresaw a problem with Cruce, why couldn't she just... avoid it? She is all powerful, as the Queen (although she is not the first-ever Queen). So why not just arrange things so Cruce couldn't abduct her?

    And when she used her magic to shatter the protection around the unseelie hallows, in SOTH, did she free the Book or did she not? It doesn't correspond with the fact that the book escaped with Mac's mother, when it imprinted itself in Mac. But the intervention of QA was just about 5 years before the events of the fevers... So I have trouble putting things together... 5 years before Alina is killed, QA prepare the Highlanders to come and save her when she needs it. And she makes this thing that free all the Unseelie hallows. But the book is already free from the Sidhe-seer, is it not? They never recovered it after Isla escaped with it, did they? So why did she do that? Just so Cian could be freed by Jessi?
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