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Thread: Karen Shadowfever Chat (spoilers)

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    Default Karen Shadowfever Chat (spoilers)

    Abby2011: Hi Karen! Glad to hear you are feeling better .

    Karen Marie: Thanks, it only lasted long enough to mess up the best days of the event, lol!

    Krikit: I can relate...ugh

    Chrisha: Hi Karen!!

    Dee: Is there a connection between JZB/the 8 and Triton or the Draghars? (So glad you're here!)

    Karen Marie: No connection between JZB and the Triton group.

    RigoGal: The message boards have been in an uproar because the characters in the Fever series were flawed. Did you find it easier or more difficult to write characters that weren't "romantically" perfect and more realistic? Were you afraid to distance your readers?

    Karen Marie: I found it easier to write about flawed characters than perfect ones because I think damaged people are so much more interesting...

    zoegrace: Thank you for Karn for taking the time to join us today. Was there ever a time that you thought of changing your plot because it was what you thought the readers would want instead of staying true to your own ideas?

    Karen Marie: There were only two things I changed from the original vision: the Adam cameo and not killing Drustan. Unfortunately to avoid killing Drustan I had to change the Keltar involvement entirely and it changed how SF felt overall to me.

    crazineko: After reading the books, it's clear you have a good sense of humor. What parts of the fever series make you laugh the most?

    Karen Marie: K'Vruck makes me laugh the most.

    Grneyes: Is Adam one of the humans that were "reborn" Fae? As V'lane/Cruce speculated was happening to Christian?

    Karen Marie: Great question about Adam.

    JenniferS: With the ambiguity of what Barrons is, and whatever Mac is becoming.... after all that unprotected sex, what the heck kind of baby would that be? (Thanks for being here! :)

    Karen Marie: Baby? Barrons have a baby?? Gah!

    *Jo*: You made me look awfully good, Karen. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart =0] No words could come close to what I feel. Ummm am I flawed as weel?! *ponders* *Hugs*

    Karen Marie: You're welcome Jo! Thought you'd like giving RyO the smackdown. LOL.

    Lunera: Karen, thanks so much for giving me such a great laugh with Dani thinking that Jo was lezbo.

    jayzee: lol

    ang83: Do you no what the next set of books names will be?

    Karen Marie: Yes, I do.

    Chrisha: Sweet Jesus, THANK YOU for not killing Drustan! *clutching chest at the thought*

    Karen Marie: Gwen thanked me too. Actually, she threatened me...

    DannyV: lol I bet she did, Gwen would have been devastated!

    bluedragonfly81: yes, I would still be crying if Drustan didn’t make it!!!

    moe'sgirl: gwen already had to live through Drustan dying once. it would be SO unfair to do that to her a second, final time.

    Chrisha: Why was JZB so interested in the fact that Mac dripped blood into his mouth when she thought he was dead?

    Karen Marie: Are you guys STILL trying to label Barrons????

    jayzee: I'd like to do a few things to Barrons ...labeling isn't one :D

    nmblake : Will Cruce (V’Lane) and Dani hookup when she is older? I think there is something there even if she thought he was V'Lane

    Karen Marie: Too funny. Wait till you see what happens with C/V. I'm not nearly done with him but I warn you...it's not going to be comfortable...

    Justine: Whose POV will the Graphic Novel be in ??? Please say Barrons'

    Karen Marie: Graphic Novel is Mac POV mostly.

    DreamTygre: How do you feel that one of your fans named their child Cian Daegus?

    Karen Marie: Loved the sweet baby. Wasn't he adorable? But so much to live up to!

    BlueCoyote: Oh!! and What was the significant thing about Beast Barrons eating those bloody runes?

    Karen Marie: Beast eating bloody runes was only to show that what everyone else feared Barrons relished.

    afilesi: Did V'lane/Cruce know that the Queen/concubine was projecting herself to the Keltar to try to change the future outcome?

    Karen Marie: No V'lane/Cruce did not know.

    DoberDawn: Who spiked the orb with the shades?

    Karen Marie: The Lord Master

    Bones: Glad you're feeling better! Was the SD's illusion of Mac's father a representation of her real father?

    Karen Marie: Fascinating question about Mac's father! Look for more in future books.

    anwen: Personally, I love that everything wasn't tied up neatly at the end. Happily every after has never been my thing. I like that Mac & JZB are more raw than that.

    bluedragonfly8: I'll take Barrons as he is ;)

    Karen Marie: Good cause he doesn’t bloody come any other way, haha.

    Formida42: Was the mother of Barrons’ son human?

    Karen Marie: Why this fascination with Barrons' past? Don't you like who he is now?

    Christen: We're ALWAYS fascinated with Barron's past! :P

    shamya: yes

    DannyV: I found him perfect !

    Sue71: Oh Yes! Everything about him is fascinating which is the thing lol

    Krikit: I’m happy with Barrons not having a label, like the mystery.

    Darkcubette: I like Barron's for what he is now not what he was!

    Formida42: Can we figure out some way to make JZB a real person? Just for a little while? I’m willing to share.

    Justine: In Shadowfever The Sinsar Dubh is having conversations = to whom is the SD speaking = you Karen

    Karen Marie: The SD was speaking to Mac

    crazineko: when did jzb really fall for Mac? was it slow or was love at first sight. er kill?

    Abby2011: Ok, I would like to know that too, Crazineko, great question!

    Karen Marie: Did you read the deleted scene in the CD? I can't recall what got into the final version, if it kept the part about him wanting to drag her tight pink a$$ behind the bookshelves and grow her up in a hurry or not.

    jayzee: that's in the deleted scene Karen ;D

    Sue71: Yes I think I memorized that part in the Booklet.

    Vixn2tame: mmmm yes, good deleted scene :)

    Grneyes: Definitely need to buy the CD now!!!

    bcfulford: Which CD and where can I find it?!?

    Karen Marie: The CD is available at my website on the Shadowsong page. The link is on my homepage.

    Formida42: Are Barrons and the 8 all the same kind of being?

    Karen Marie: Barrons and his eight are all the same kind of thing.

    Formida42: Will the elixir that Mac was given eventually snuff out her soul?

    sallygrl: i was wondering the same about the elixir.

    Karen Marie: Good question about the elixir, remember V/C said it was different than the king/queens...will come up in the future.

    Darkcubette: Do you plan on making a series about Ry-o and that group?

    Karen Marie: The next series will be about Dani, RyO, Christian and Dancer with the rest of the Fever world characters making appearances.

    DreamTygre: I just yay'ed about the next series and hubby gave me a WTH look...

    Chrisha: Yay Christian!!!

    MoningManiac21: YAY! I'm very interested in this Dancer person who has Dani's attention :)

    Christen: Ooh Dancer and Danie! That should be interesting!

    MoningManiac21: I think I'm beginning to become fascinated with Christian now! Is he becoming what we think he is?

    Lunera: Umm, can I totally have Christian? I promise I'll take care of him!

    christa3: will barrons and mac be major players in new series, or background characters?

    Karen Marie: I wish I could tell you exactly how much Barrons and Mac will show up but they have a way of dictating their own terms once I start writing. I can tell you that I finished Shadowfever with a creative surplus for a change, with a TON of stories that are demanding to be told. I also wonder if any of you realize that DF began with one SD loose. SF ends with TWO. Very. Loosely. Corked. ")

    MissEileen: I thought that exactly Karen. I kept wondering how I read five books about trying to capture the SD when Mac had it in her head all along!

    *Jo*: VP, there ya go. C/V is going to be loosely corked~;0}

    Viking Princess : Just how I like them ;)

    Lunera : we always knew V/C was ...."loose" ;)

    HopeChasez: Does that mean Lor won't get his own little side story?

    shiver911: Lor needs to grow some...:)

    Karen Marie: Lor. LOL! What a handful. He's definitely got things to say. Kasteo does too but he's not talking.

    Grneyes: I want Kasteo to have an HEA...especially after what the 8 did to him

    SummerRses: yes, and I'd also love to read more about Ryodan

    bill'stula: No mention of Mac's back tattoo in the story. Why?

    Karen Marie: Mac's back tat was metaphorical. It was the clue that she was part of the UK, right there on the cover :)

    bill'stula: Thanks, I really needed some closure on her back tat.

    lilyfleur: Did Barrons ever love Fiona?

    Karen Marie: No Barrons never loved Fiona.

    Grneyes: Thank goodness for that! Fiona was a Fiotch!

    MoningManiac21: hehe fiotch

    Karen Marie: I agree about Fiona!

    SueSnell: Hi Karen, it's Shanley! Is Dani going to be older in the next series? Or is it going to follow right after?

    MoningManiac21: I hope right after so we can watch how she grows~

    Karen Marie: Hi Shanley! Still playing with how to write Dani's story. Will tell you when I know.

    Mom2Leah: Was Mac's comment about hindsight being 20/20 (re:V'Lane should've been clothed before he was "encased") foreshadowing about V/C being... errrr... "released" at some point in the future? And who/ why releases him?

    KarenMarie: Hello--finally catching my foreshadowing techniques, LOL!!!

    Christen: At the end of SF Ryo finds Dani and says he has a job for her. Then Christian appears in the shadows. Is this how their connection starts for the new series?

    Karen Marie: Dani's in a pretty bad position if RyO has a job for her and Christian thinks she might be his redemption. Can you imagine being stuck between those two men when you were only 14? What if they hung around for the next few years, watching over you with hawk eyes, making sure you became what they wanted you to become? And Dani doesn't take kindly to shaping.

    JenniferS: I could deal with that :)

    Mom2Leah: Foreshadowing again?? Right here in chat??? Whoa.

    Sue71: I don’t know but I think it would be pretty hot. lol
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    Grneyes: True. Dani's already been traumatized by Rowena and killing Alina. She needs a break

    Christen: Ooooh, more foreshadowing? I like how that sounds!!!!!

    Krikit: Wonder what she will become...hmm

    christa3: I'll stick between them till she's of age...just sayin..

    *Jo*: Haaaaa. Dani & Christian...*lightbulb goes off*

    sarahmuriel: OMG you bad girl Karen!

    DannyV: Just like Barrons shaped Mac, only RyO and Christian have more time.

    Chrisha: Gah! I was already having anxiety for Christian and Kasteo, but now I'm pretty seriously worried about Dani...

    shiver911: OH MY Freeking Lord..I will take Dani's place..:)

    Viking Princess: I can imagine being stuck between those two...but not in the way you are describing ;)

    Lunera: I'll totally sacrifice myself for Dani's sake to be between those two men. Can't let her face that ;)

    SummerRses: I now you had to stay true to your vision, but I was wondering if there was a scene you considered changing because what it was hard to write it

    Karen Marie: SummerRses, the end of Faefever was awful for me to write. I got to that point and stopped writing for several weeks because I didn't want to face it. But in the end I wrote it exactly as it came to me. I cried.

    SummerRses: ah, thanks for the insight, Karen! I figured some parts were harder for you to write than others!

    RigoGal: what Duplicitous written about Fiona or Rowena?

    Karen Marie: Duplicitous was about Rowena but fits Fiona too.

    JenniferS -> The Temple Bar District: I have a question about Cruce/V'lane. I would really like to know how much of his actions were motivated by feelings for Mac. Obviously he did some bad and possibly unforgivable things, but did he truly care about her or was she a means to an end?

    nmblake: Great question JenniferS

    Karen Marie: V’lane, an alternate viewpoint: V’lane had a lousy publicist. He’s the center-stage male character I gave a label: Seelie, shining death-by-sex Fae, erotic, brilliant, ballsy and no more sociopathic than Barrons. With V’lane, I can’t help but play the ‚”what if” game: What if the night Mac rushed through the dark zone seeking sanctuary, Mac had found V’lane instead of Barrons Books & Baubles? What if he’d taken her off to Faery and told her the truth, the full truth that very night? Would she have been swayed by his desire to save his trapped brothers? How different is he really from Barrons and his nine? V’lane may have rebelled against the Unseelie king’s wishes but he was only trying to set the rest of the Unseelie free. He was beautiful, powerful, he could have left the icy prison and abandoned them, pursued his own pleasure. But he wanted all the Unseelie to have a chance in the sunshine and beauty of the world. He was a freedom fighter, a renegade, a determined, cunning, patient, valiant crusader. Doesn’t the world need War? Isn’t he the only reason tyrannies topple, empires fall and humans change? War is the catalyst, the means by which wrongs are righted, scales are balanced, and the world transformed. Isn’t V’lane the real hero?

    Darkcubette: Well when you put it that way Karen ( LOL )

    DannyV: Awesome sights into V'Lane ... I still can't hate him and never have.

    SummerRses: Oh! Karen, what a different story hat would have been!

    Viking Princess: he's the hero to me :P

    Mia: yes he is VP and K'Vruck is mine

    Karen Marie: K'vruck is MINE!

    Lunera: Well there you have it Breelia, K'Vruck is Karen's.

    Mia: aww come on Karen share!

    Karen Marie: K'Vruck's certainly big enough to share, LOL

    DannyV: lol I need a K'Vruck , like now!

    Buffy422: why did V'Lane call Mac Princess all of the time?

    Karen Marie: Because V'lane would have made her his princess

    Sue71: I've always thought V'lane had real feeling for Mac and was torn. Love that you're not done with him!

    NiniBebe: Sorry cant get on V'lane love train

    Karen Marie: I'm not necessarily on the V'lane love train either...just saying...

    SummerRse: I'm on Team Barrons, but I do like V'lane ...was sad to read he was a casualty of war

    lilyfleur: How did the concubine exist a million years ago, when humans didn't even exist until 200,000 years ago? Hahaha, sorry for such a technical question, but it's been bugging me!

    Karen Marie: On what planet, lilyfleur?

    lilyfleur: *gasp* whatttt, LOL

    SummerRses: Karen, are you still considering telling the story (or a story) from Barrons point of view?

    Karen Marie: There are times when I have to tell a story because it stalks me. There are other times when I listen to the fans and examine the merits of what they're asking for. It's possible I will do more with Barrons POV but I promise it won't be an easy read.

    zoegrace: I think fans love Barrons the way he is but want to know what happened to him because it seems to motivate him now.

    Abby2011: I would like Barron easy LOL

    Rhyadawn: the best ones never are.

    Grneyes: We wouldn't like him "easy"!

    Sugar: We still want more Barrons anyway and he has never been easy. Why start now?

    Nikki25: I like mystery with barrons if we get to much insight into him i think it will ruin the draw to him a little:)

    simonet77: I love Barrons

    DannyV: Who would want an easy Barrons anyway!?

    Formida42: Woo-HOO!! Easy wouldn't so him justice.

    bcfulford: These books weren't an easy read either, and I LOVED them.

    anwen: After 15 years of marriage, I know that real men are NEVER easy!

    Karen Marie: You do NOT want to know what he was thinking, well, actually on second thought you probably do, in graphic detail.

    Sue71: Very graphic detail sounds good to me lol

    sarahmuriel: LOL we all want to know

    JenniferS: hhhahaha of course we do!!!

    Chrisha: Oh hell yes we do!!! LOL

    nikki14: Omg Squels!

    Formida42: Yes, yes, yes!

    Karen Marie: Barrons is hard, cold, brutally efficient killing machine, brilliant, cunning and utterly focused on what he wants at all times. He rarely smiles and if he does, it’s a brief softening, a faint uplifting of the corners of his mouth---never a full smile. Since he met Mac, it’s happened on several occasions. Once, in Faefever, he laughed out loud. JZB is not a man for expressions of happiness. At best he radiates self-satisfied calm, a big cat at rest. Harsh, forbidding, controlled, a man of intense discipline, he emotes anger, mockery, challenge, irony, raw sexuality, animalistic fury, but no tenderness. He’s a hard man. There are no cracks in his walls but the one Mac can slip through---and he hates that but he accepts it because it is the truth and to pretend otherwise would be an exercise in futility. Whether he likes it or not, she gets under his skin and makes his dick harder than any other woman ever has. He wastes no time examining the whys of it or resisting her effect on him. He focuses the energy like a laser, slicing and dicing, rearranging reality to suit what he wants the best way he can get it. Since the moment he met Mac and accepted that he wanted her, he has been ruthlessly altering her, making her ultimately suitable for him. The only question in his mind is: will she survive what he’s doing to her?

    DannyV: Oh my... thanks for that! I love Barrons.. well, who doesn't ...

    Grneyes: Sweet! That was cool!

    MissEileen: LOVE the Barrons insight! But Mac not only survived it but thrived IMHO.

    Karen Marie: I have a ton of character notes that at some point I'll post at my website.

    Grneyes: Cool. Can't wait!

    jayzee: Thanks for that Karen ...I'd still take that *sigh*

    nmblake: Character notes? Oooh yeaaahh

    Chrisha: Wow. Thanks for that. :-)

    HopeChasez: when will Shadowsong be available for digital download on itunes?

    Karen Marie: Shadowsong will probably be up for download at my website within the week. We've been ironing out the glitches.

    Justine : Is bb&b = the box

    Karen Marie: No, BB and B is not the box but what a great thought!

    Darkcubette: Who was the most difficult Character to get down?

    Karen Mari: Malluce was the most difficult for me to write because I hate torture scenes and writing what he planned to do to Mac was horrific to me.

    Dee: Did JZB recognize the UK essence in Mac from the first time he met her? Or did he not know until she did?

    Karen Marie: JZB didn't recognize the UK essence in her.

    Buffy422: what's the deal with BB&B having four floors and then five floors?

    Karen Marie: BB&B is part of the new series, you'll have to wait to find out:)

    Grneyes: Oh....yay! I love BB&B!

    nikki14: BB&B is my dream place.

    RigoGal: btw Karen so glad MM&M didn't stick.. lol it was too "wordy" just wrong :)

    Grneyes: Why are all the doors on 2nd and 3rd floors of BB&B locked?

    Karen Marie: Because there are things in there Barrons doesn't want you to see

    brandyhough: Before Mac ate US flesh the first time, was Barrons going to do "something" to save her?

    Karen Marie: Sure looked like it to me.

    Mom2Leah: YES! I wondered that too... and also wondered when she was "dying" from his son if he was about to do it again...

    Jewelstir: so...what was he going to do then?? LOL

    Karen Marie: Haha Jewelstir, as fecking if.

    Jewelstir: LMAO!

    Nikki25: Have you already figured out what mac is going to owe the gray woman?

    Karen Marie: Yes I know what Mac will owe the GW.

    simonet77: Why does Jericho say he wants to F*** Mac and not make love

    Karen Marie: Can you hear Barrons saying Ooooh baby I wanna make sweet love to you?

    DannyV: never!

    Chrisha: Yeah, that made me actually LOL.

    Jewelstir: I don't hear him say anything...just lots of growls *G*

    Grneyes: I don't think Mac and JZB would ever make love....

    Wicked 1: he made love to the other woman before he killed her

    Karen Marie: He said he made love to irritate Mac.

    Karen Marie: Barrons. F*cks. He does not make love.

    jayzee: HOT

    Nikki25: What was the issue with Mac feeding Barrons in beast form her blood? He says something like what was she thinking.

    Karen Marie: What is it you guys are trying to find out? Seems to me you all have a certain guess so I'll ask you: what is Jericho Barrons?
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    Darkcubette: I think he is just a cursed man doomed to walk the earth and unable to die.

    HopeChasez: he is the one who will never let Mac die. duhhhh. Lol.

    DannyV: Dark, Hot and... who cares anyway? ;)

    RigoGal: i am with you jayzee.. Barrons just IS.

    MoningManiac21: I care!! I like finite answers

    Chrisha: HAWT. That's what he is. :-D

    bluedragonfly81: he's Barrons just Barrons!

    Nonna0723: Barrons just IS, that's enough!

    Mom2Leah: I don't really care what he is (awesome job forcing that desire out of me, KAren!!)... but I'd love more deets on how he became it!

    Christen: I don't need a complete answer as to what he is, I just want to know how he got that way!

    KJTVH: I feel the same as Mom2Leah -- don't care what, but curious as to how

    NiniBebe: I dont care what Barrons is either, I like that mystery about him!!!

    sallygrl: Barrons is every womans dream. The protector, the one who will never let her die.

    Jenney: Barron = sex on a stick!!!!!!!

    nikki14: He has ruined real men for me. :(

    JenniferS: Sexiest thing alive?

    Kplachte: I never cared what Barrons was. I just wanted to know if he was a constant. Someone who would always be around.

    Lunera -> The Temple Bar District: No, sallygrl. This girl's dream is Christian!!

    Jewelstir: Talking about Barrons gives me a new appreciation for the future GRAPHIC novel LOL.

    DannyV: I still think it was perfect not telling us everything about him! Keep the mystery alive, that's why grown up woman like us swoon over him!

    Karen Marie: When every other novel I was picking up in the bookstore announced: Vampire/Werewolf/Demon hero on the cover, and was marketing it on the basis of that paranormal creature’s mythic resonance, I wanted to write a story with a male center-stage character that defied labels, and wouldn’t permit one. I wanted to make the reader choose to take him or leave him without the convenience of a pre-packaged tortured-hero caricature to slap over his outline, and no easy answers about whether he was good or bad. I wanted to write a paranormal creature and never tell the reader what he was, because I believed they would ultimately see him more clearly in his everyday behavior, than through the distorted lens of someone else’s legend.

    Barrons says, “Judge me by my actions” and makes the reader do the same. At the end of the series, I wanted the reader to answer the question: Who/what is Barrons? the same way Mac does: Who cares? He’s Barrons.

    In the vein of showing, not telling, I wanted my characters to love each other---but never tell each other that. I chose instead to show it in their actions, in the choices they made. Words are easy; lies as simple as parting your lips and breathing.

    SummerRses: Wow, love the notes you are posting, Karen!! Thanks.

    Formida42: Ahhh... OK. I feel so much better, and I can accept Him that way. I just didn't want to feel like I was missing out on putting the puzzle together.

    jayzee: exactly! i love that we were supposed to accept him like Mac did ...without knowing everything.

    KJTVH: Perfect Karen, and I love that you did that! The mystery makes the man.

    SummerRses: you accomplished your goal, Karen! and we're glad you did ...you wrote the character of Barrons so that he will haunt our thoughts for a long time (and we're not complaining! lol)

    ang83: thanks Karen!!

    afilesi: Thank you so much! And you did a great job carrying through with that mission!

    bill'stula: Acceptance of who we truly are is what real love is.

    MoningManiac21: YAY! love the notes

    jayzee: thanks for posting all your notes Karen :D

    Dee: Since we are free to decide for ourselves what Barrons is, I have made him an angel, a protector, capable of both light and dark.

    KJTVH: And I think they 'tell' each other they love far deeper and more intensely than words could.

    DannyV : Seriously there is no character out there who is like Barrons and there will never be, you are a genious Mastermind and I love you forever for creating this!

    MoningManiac21: karen, I also wanted to know about these truths you sow into your stories....do you really believe there is no black and white, just shades of gray? and perhaps everyone has good/evil in them but what matters is what they DO that defines them? How much truth does that have in your own life? Those parts have stuck with me while I was reading and after I was done.

    Karen Marie: I believe we all possess capacity for great good or evil and that every day is a choice.

    DannyV: This chat is a treasure box today!! Thanks you so f*** much !!!

    anwen: That is seriously profound.

    Grneyes: Karen, so true! Probably the ultimate truth.

    simonet77: That was a great insight thank you

    bcfulford: Yep. I think we all have a Mac 1.0 and a Mac 5.0 in our souls.

    MoningManiac21: thanks for answering Karen!

    Mom2Leah: Karen - You did a bang up job with that!! With all of it - it's more like "real life" than any other series I've ever read. We don't get black/white answers and definitions in real life, but we go on and make choices based on what is in front of our eyes. Love it. Just LOVE. It.

    HopeChasez: I totally agree. we actually discussed that in one of my acting classes last semester. That we all have numerous archetypes within us. We all have the victim, but we all also have the monster.

    Karen Marie: A few more notes on what was going on in the back of my mind throughout the whole series. I'm kind of obsessed with Jean Paul Sartre's Being and Nothingness.

    Someone on the MB mentioned mirroring. There's a lot of it. I structured the series as a Janus head on multiple levels, highlighting contrasts and creating a play of tension between opposites compressed in a volatile reality to illustrate the point that Jean Paul Sartre makes in Being and Nothingness when he explores the concept of anguish at the point of absolute freedom: The only thing that matters are the possibilities, what you choose, what you commit to. All potentials exist in every character, at every moment. It is their actions that define and separate them.

    mcdiana: Thanks Karen -- great insight into the characters and how you write! Love these notes!

    Grneyes: Hmmm..I might have to get that book! Sounds interesting!

    jayzee: I'm going to have to find my copy of Sartre and re-read

    anwen: Karen, I am a voracious reader, but I have never considered waiting outside a bookstore for a book before. Thank you!

    nikki14: Karen thanks so much for doing this! It`s refreshing to see an author appreciate their fans! If I didn`t already love you for your books, it would be for how wonderfully you treat your fans. :)

    DreamTygre: anwen, I never considered sitting 4 hours on a floor in a hotel hallway either but KMM was worth it.

    DoberDawn: Sometimes, knowing what something is helps you to understand why he does things and accept it more. For example, if a person visited you and peed on your carpet, you'd be aghast, how rude. If they brought their dog over, however.... Vampires must drink blood to exist or they die, etc. Also, it helps you to understand consequences, like why he was worried she'd given him her blood. I'd like to know why he and his men are all one age with "the cursed condition" but his son stopped aging in boyhood. Who damned him and why might also give insight to his character.

    Karen Marie: Dober Dawn, I hear you but I was after more verisimilitude in the Fever series.

    Karen Marie: Hi DD! Forgot to say :)

    ang83: how much research did you had to do to write these books?

    Karen Marie: No research just one long damn dream!

    JenniferS: wish I could have that dream!

    CrimsonKim: I wish I could have a dream like THAT :) lol

    Formida42: I hope I have a long dream about Barrons tonight...

    Jenney: The last 2 times I had a dream about the keltar men I ended up with two sets--YES two set of twins. Be careful of your dreams. lol!

    Karen Marie: LMAO Jenney

    Jenney: LOL--I did pay my respect to you though--One of my daughters' middle name is Marie--So thanks!

    ScotIrishlass: Jenny, thank god Karen didn't write about the MacKeltar triplets!

    Krikit: I started reading your books after my first daughter was born. I had severe insomnia and you helped me through the nights. That was 7 years ago. Thank You

    Karen Marie: Thank you Krikit.

    jayzee: for VP ...how much is Cruce aware of what is still going on, like he is aware when he is nulled?

    Karen Marie: Hmmmm. great question about Cruce!

    jayzee: i'm going to have to text her that response :O

    MoningManiac21: thanks karen!! Is there any more news about the next Fevercon? A date in mind perhaps...that way I know when I should start saving.

    Karen Marie: No date on Fevercon yet. Leiha just wilted off her chair and gave me a look that said she needs a vacation LOL.

    -^-Lin-^- : Leiha always has that look! LOL.

    Leiha: I always need a vacation!

    MoningManiac21: lol u both deserve a vacation!!

    Buffy422: I thought the last scene with JZB grilling a bit off putting. It didn't seem like it was something he would really do.

    KJTVH: I LOVED the BBQ scene! Reminded me of him painting her nails.

    Karen Marie: Think about the grilling scene as the closest Mac will ever get to hearing him say something tender. Barrons shows everything through his actions. Not domestication. Conscious, deliberate choice to show her something.

    jayzee: i loved that he grilled for her and her parents.

    JenniferS: I loved that scene :)

    DannyV: I agree with the last scene and Barrons cooking. Was that was he was really frowning about? This situation he's in?

    Karen Marie: Barrons is never in a situation he doesn’t want to be in.

    Jewelstir: Karen, you once said in an interview that you would ask the UK if he was sorry. To what did you refer to?

    Karen Marie: For the whole mess 750,000 years ago…for starters

    LizC: Who was the Janus head author again?

    Karen Marie: A Janus head isn't a book, it's a thing. Check out wiki. I can't cut and paste, sorry

    MissEileen: In SF, Mac went into the lake in her head multiple times, ie to get through the Silvers or when she went after the Unseelie Princes, but felt that going into it to get the spell to unmake Barrons son would be wrong. Is she already going down a dark path by using the dark place in her head at all?

    Karen Marie: Great question Miss Eileen!

    MissEileen: Gah - thanks Karen! :)

    JenniferS: Will we ever find out what went on between Alina and Darroc? I feel like there are still many unanswered questions there. I was shocked when his head got popped so prematurely! Will we ever find out what went on between Alina and Darroc? I feel like there are still many unanswered questions there. I was shocked when his head got popped so prematurely!

    Karen Marie: I sometimes think there might be a novella about Alina and Darroc…a prequel.

    JenniferS: That would be amazing! I felt like it would be a really interesting story, whatever we might think about Darroc.

    bluedragonfly81: ooooh please Karen that would ROCK!!

    zoegrace: I hope you go through with the prequel!!

    brandyhough: Anything you give us about the Fever characters is appreciated!!

    Bells7: I think a prequel would be an excellent idea!

    Formida42: Can Mac decide to expand her horizons a little and let me have JZB for a while?

    Karen Marie: Maybe I could send Mac off with V'lane? would you like that, formida42? LOL.

    simonet77: noooooooooooo

    jayzee: that's just wrong Karen :(

    Dee: Nooooooo! No Mac and V'Lane. JB would have a hissy!!!!

    crazineko: jzb would never let her go without him!!

    Formida42: YES YES YES!! I'll take good care of him!!

    DannyV: no nooo, Mac belongs to Barrons... never to V'Lane"

    shiver911: heart couldn't handle that...Mac & v'lane.......nooooooo

    Karen Marie: I wondered if any of you would rise to the bait, LOL

    jswynd: JZB would Kill V'lane...

    crazineko: barrons would get stabby!

    KJTVH: V'lane has a whole abbey full of women close at hand, he doesn't need Mac!

    Karen Marie: As a final note, there's a part of me that is playing with picking up the story where I left off in SF. Two Sinsar Dubhs out there. What would happen if they both got loose?

    jayzee: that would be an awesome story

    Karen Marie: Thanks for stopping in and chatting. It was great seeing you all!

    zoegrace: Thank you Karen for taking the time to be with us today. I like how you have characters from your books in other series and I like the fact that you will be writing more books about other characters in the Fever series. We all will enjoy them.

    RigoGal: I can't wait for the next world, new characters, and visits from some old favorites! Thanks Karen for sharing your friends with us!

    Justine: So glad that you started writing - thanks for bringing us the Fever World

    dipa: I will be eagerly waiting for the next series as I am sure we all will be.
    Last edited by jayzee; 01-29-2011 at 03:30 PM.

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    Thanks for all this Leiha. And thanks, Karen, for some more answers.
    December was Christian-he knows naughty or nice.
    January was Grimm with his eyes of blue ice.
    Cian was November-when the Dark Glass set him free.
    Drustan in February made us think cherry tree.
    Dageus is March—Why, do you say?
    March has “Lips Appreciation” and “I’m in Control” day.
    Multiple Personalities-he was possessed by 13.
    When it comes to sacrifice-I’d say his was supreme.
    Return Borrowed Books week makes me think Gaulish Ghost.
    Yes, I would say March suits Dageus the most!

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    Thanks Leiha for posting!!
    DeeS =^..^=
    Autism rates:
    1995=1:500 // 1998=1:250//2001=1:150//2009=1:90
    2012=1:88 Shouldn't you be REALLY worried?

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    Seriously, for every real answer she gave to a question, she gave a nebulous answer for another. We're all going to go CRAZY!!!!!

    How does she keep everything straight in her head?

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    Thanks for posting Leiha! =)
    No more waiting for Shadowfever, now what do I do with myself? *dazed*
    My First Siggy!

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    Thanks Karen for chatting with us on Sunday and Leiha for organizing the transcript and posting it

    VP's best yet

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    Thanks for posting the transcripts! Darn work :(

    Thanks Jenn for asking my question for me, and Karen for answering it...er kinda answering it anyway LOL

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    This is great! Thanks, Leiha, for taking time to do this! (After reading it, I realized that I missed a lot even though I was at the chat. Guess it scrolled by too quickly. lol)

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