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Thread: Fever notes

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    Default Fever notes

    Hi guys!

    Wow, what a week it's been! I'm still reeling from the news about the bestseller lists--thank you--you guys are THE best! I remember when I first began writing, I just wanted to make enough of a living that I would never have to drive in rush hour traffic again. This all feels quite surreal.

    I've been trying to sort through a lot of questions I'm getting and dust off some notes and post them. Some of them are dense. Some of them are things you've already heard but people keep asking me to put it all in one place, so I did.

    I'm also working on a Q&A but it's not ready yet. More to come soon....

    Blog is here.

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    What does "Enough to stay to J" mean? J?? Is something cut off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoberDawn View Post
    What does "Enough to stay to J" mean? J?? Is something cut off?
    Yes I had been wondering the same thing.

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    Default Amazing

    I finished Shadowfever last night and LOVED it. The series was both a surprise and a true delight. A surprise because I started it expecting something like the Highlander books and remember being stunned at the way book 1 ended. It was a true delight one that I savored and did NOT want to end -usually I rush to finish books just wanting to know the ending. With Shadowfever I enjoyed every word and even went back and reread passesges before moving on to the next section.
    Also the scenes with Mac and Barron just sizzle in every book - I found myself excited whenever Barrons interacted with Mac even though he was often not bing nice or heroic. Their scenes are so well written and for me were the best parts of each book. Very well done! Thanks so much to Ms. Moning for bringing us into this world!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daisydeadpetals658 View Post
    One question that I don't think was ever answered:
    What the feck does JZB whisper in Macs ear in another language at the end of Darkfever when he kisses and heals her? I'm dyyyyying to know! Haha
    That is a wonderful question! Been wondering that myself...was it naughtyor something totally out of character for Jericho...some sweet words...nah couldn't be that
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