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Thread: Wedding Ceremony Music!!

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    Default Wedding Ceremony Music!!

    I'm getting married Oct 2 of this year.

    I really want Jerico Rain and Rainbow as one of the songs during the prelude music of the ceremony.

    I am having a flute and violine playing the music for the ceremony.

    Does any body know where or how I can get my hands on sheet music for my players....I am willing to pay!!!

    It would mean so much to me to have KMM, the fever world and the Maniacs as part of this important occasion with me.

    any help or suggestions would be great

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    I didn't see anything on the CD pages on the website that lists contact information for Neil Dover. However, if you email Karen@karenmoning.com, you should receive a response telling you if the sheet music is available for purchase.

    Or you could send Leiha a pm and ask her to get in touch with Karen and Neil for you.

    Congratulations on your wedding - wishing you and your husband-to-be many happy, healthy years together!

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    Thanks so much!!!

    I will def try both those avenues

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