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    Default Sex from Barrons POV

    I tried to ignore her. I've spent all day refusing to listen to Mac.

    But we all know how well me not listening to Mac works. NOT AT ALL. She’s stubborn, determined and relentless. She says if she’s in a good mood she’ll share a little something, and all it would take to put her in a good mood is letting the world know Barrons is hands-down THE ALPHA—no contest.

    (Barrons has no idea about any of this and I’m desperate to keep him from finding out. I love Ilona Andrews’ books and would hate it if Barrons killed off Curran to eradicate all doubt about who was the Alpha (and the Omega). Then I wouldn’t get any more books about Curran. Wait—not that I read about Curran, there’s only JZB, I’m faithful, I swear!)

    But back to Mac—she says if she’s in a really good mood, she’ll let me talk dirty with Barrons, as in get the low down between the sheets, the one place they never let me go, while inside BARRONS head (s?).

    So here’s the deal: Barrons wins, you get a sex scene told intimately from JZB’s POV. It won’t be pretty but it will be…well, let me just say if I’m getting in there for a good look around when the action is happening, I’m taking notes on EVERYTHING.

    However… Mac’s not talking about just this round. She’s in it for the long haul. When Barrons is THE ultimate Alpha, I get the sex.

    (Vote now, please. I want to know what that man thinks when he f$cks)

    And so do you ☺
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