I should have known better and really I did. Maniacs donít miss a thing. Iíve been quiet lately, not online as much, moving back and forth between Georgia and Florida. Although you guys are the most incredibly thoughtful people Iíve ever known (I mean, really, over 2,000 copies of Shadowfever were leaked nearly a month before the release date, and not one of you ruined it for anyone else!) it was inevitable that someone would start asking questions, and someone would answer, and then someone would post wanting to know if it was true.

Last night someone posted, which we promptly removed. And I knew time had run out, I had to address it, even if it was painful and I didnít want to talk about it, because someone else would and then you would all feelÖwell, I donít know what youíll feel but I hope you understand this is a difficult time for me, which is why I kept it private. I need to deal with my private life privately before I deal with it publicly. (Itís also why you havenít gotten the promised scene yet. My life has been jarring and transient. Moonie and I are in an unfurnished house with a blow-up bed and JZB doesnít do airbeds. He says they pop too easily.)

Ah, seeking refuge in humor, JZB would mock. Neil and I have gotten divorced. For those of you who saw us together at FEVERCON or some other function, and commented on how much we love each other, we do. But we needed to go different ways and there you are, and thatís all I have to say about it. Other than this: itís sad, itís painful, itís hard. Be gentle.

Iím disorganized right now, but youíll have your scene soon and more books coming soon, plus news about the graphic novel and some other wonderful things in the works.

Donít be disheartened. We had wonderful years together. Weíll have wonderful years separately. Believe in love. I do.