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Thread: mac and alina from now??

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    Question mac and alina from now??

    i had a weird dream last night and of course i went to sleep with fae on the brain and i woke up thinking, what if QA brought Mac and Alina from another time? because if they were the offspring of a druid and a sidhe-seer and were more powerful than most maybe QA went back in time and took them from their family and put them in a possition to where they would end up in Ireland when they were needed.(might explain why no one in the O'connor line is alive per Rowena, and why Mac's parents cant find anything on anyone from M&A's past) maybe it was Mac that would end up having the determination to fight only because of her loss.

    also KMM did say she knows WHEN Mac will be at the end of the story. maybe Mac goes back in time to a possible "real family" to meet them. or maybe she will end up being able to go back and forth like Cercinn?
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    That is a very intriguing idea. KMM loves to play with time travel. I don't think I can elaborate on your thoughts because the time aspect of it all really sends my head for a spin. So I can't wait to see what the others come up with. It's amazing what the brain thinks of when your trying to shut down for the night.
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    can't say


    it makes sense that they were adopted out from another time, but I get the feeling that they were from the hear and now and maybe their mom gave them up...isn't there a suspicion she might be the daughter of Patrona(sp) O'Connor?
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