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Thread: Fevercon and ICED Release Party info

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    Default Fevercon and ICED Release Party info

    Karen posted on FB this note:

    ICED 2012

    Months ago, I began getting panicked emails from people who were worried that they wouldn’t be able to get one of the 225 tickets to FeverCon, and/or wouldn’t be able to afford the costs of flight and accommodations plus the conference fee. I knew these people. I like these people. Many of them were at my last FeverCon, others I met at booksignings and events over the years. I realized I was planning a party that was going to exclude a significant number of people that wanted to attend, and they were very upset about it.

    Not only is FeverCon exclusive, it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort, from planning to organization to execution. With three releases this year, and more appearances than I’ve ever done, 2012 is already shaping up to be an absurdly busy year. So I sat down with my team and we discussed possibilities. After lengthy deliberation, we decided that time and effort can be better used differently this year, while solving the limited budget/limited ticket problem that has so many people worried.

    Rather than hosting FeverCon this year, which only 225 people can attend, at the price of $350.00 per person for the con fee alone, I’m throwing a free ICED release bash.

    It won’t cost you anything but your travel and accommodations, and there is no limit on the number of attendees. Pack in cars, split your hotel costs, travel cheap and come party with me on Halloween.

    WHEN? The ICED signing is on Monday, October 29th but we’ll be in town partying from the 26th through the 30th.

    WHERE? Where else on Halloween? NEW ORLEANS! There are so many Halloween parties in the French Quarter that I can’t think of any other place I’d rather be.

    HOST HOTEL where we’ll all be hanging out? Again—where else? The spectacular Le Pavillon Hotel.

    They did such a wonderful job with the Shadowfever launch that I’m in no mood to mess with success. We’ve negotiated special room rates for you again but the block is limited.

    You must book your rooms at Le Pavillon through the KMM ICED event or you won’t get the special rate. When you call, you have to clearly state you’re coming for the event. When the block runs out, the prices will go up, so if you plan to stay in the hotel where all the events will be happening, book it now. This is especially true since it's on Halloween weekend, and hotels fill up in NOLA for the parties. FYI, last year the block ran out within a matter of hours from the time of our announcement.

    To reserve online click on this link: Le Pavillon Reservations


    Here is the number to reserve by phone (the best way to book if you have special requests such as connected rooms, etc.) You must use the code KMM ICED to get the discounted rates: 1 (800) 535-9095.

    What’s on the agenda? I’m not sure yet. We’re still playing with ideas. There will definitely be festivities and discussions, informal and formal. Probably goodies, depending on the generosity of publishers. Certainly a few special guests.

    Wow. It’s beginning to sound like all the best of FeverCon, without any of the cost or headaches, and no limit on attendees.

    Looking forward to seeing you in New Orleans for an ICED Halloween!

    Forgot to say, I'll be doing talks on Tuesday October 30th at La Pavillon so those who are going to NOLA for the ICED Book Launch Party should stick around for revealing tidbits and the inside scoop on what's coming next...:)
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