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    Hi there !

    I'm a french reader and discovered KMM books a few month ago.
    I first read the highlander serie, and then have a try on the Fever serie... i adored it and have eaten it in less than 10 days (10 nights by the way, cause the days i have to work lol). Fever Serie is definitely the one i prefer, i was really hooked.

    I missed a lot of little things the first time i read it, so i reread it 2 more times. There's still gaps to fill so i'm here ! I discovered here theories i didnt even think about. I can now discern the small clues KMM left us... so small sometimes that we can only speculate : KMM made it this way and i like it !

    Eventhough, i still have questions unsolved and will try to discuss that later ^^.
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    I'm not a native english speaker, and i read the KMM books in french. Thus by translating my french version back into english, i probably will not use the exact original worlds. Sorry for that !
    Ma langue maternelle n'étant pas l'anglais, je n'ai pas lu les livres de KMM en version originale. En retraduisant de ma version française en anglais, je vais probablement ne pas utiliser les mêmes termes que dans la V.O. et j'en suis désolée !

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    Hello and welcome to the Maniacs....bap
    So many books to read, so little TIME!
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