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Thread: Nice to be here!!!!!

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    Default Nice to be here!!!!!

    My name is Dawn, but I chose the name RyoDani because its (obviously) the combination of my two favorite Fever characters. And the two I hope to see together in the future, despite Dani's age at the end of the last Fever novel. Im extremely outgoing, and Im VERY goofy. So expect some fun sarcasm and alot of back talk. But in a fun and friendly way, I don't like confrontation unless I think you're belittling me or someone else. I've read all the Fever series and the Highlander series many times over, and I have a pretty darn good memory for them, although Im FAR from an expert. Can't wait to jump right in with ya'll. Have a Blessed and awesome day. Hit me up. I want to make TONS of friends.

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    Hello and welcome to the Maniacs...sounds like you'll fit right in with the rest of us!!!!!....bap
    So many books to read, so little TIME!
    Everyone NEEDS a little MAGIC!!!!!!!!!

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    & Dawn
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