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Thread: Was Barrons at one time a Gypsy?

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    Smile Was Barrons at one time a Gypsy?

    I was rereading Kiss just now, and I found something that may give us a clue about Barrons:

    In Kiss, pg 128, he is describing to Gwen how he was enchanted, "He told her how he collapsed just outside the forest on the banks of the loch, how his limbs had locked, his eyes had closed as if weighted by heavy gold coins. He told her he'd felt his armor and weapons being removed, then symbols being painted on his chest, then felt nothing more until she'd awakened him".

    Then in BF, pg 250, when in the grotto, Barrons is saying that he will not let her die. She is trying to tell Barrons to get her the fae on the slab, "Barrons. I forced my eyes open. They felt heavy, weighted by coins".

    Now, Drustan was drugged. Is the placement of coins part of the Rom ritual for enchantment? Is this just KMM's way of describing someone who is on the verge of conciousness? Everybody agrees that Barrons was about to do something in the grotto to keep Mac alive, and it was probably to curse her like him. The above scene happens right before Barrons is breathing hard on her neck. Plus, when Mac kisses him, she sees a scene of a lonely boy, and then later a man, in a desert, beneath a blood red moon.

    On a lighter note, I made my husband read DF and BF on vacation. He is more obsessed than I am. At least I am not the only one suffering in this house.

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    his eyes had closed as if weighted by heavy gold coins

    I believe this was a way of saying he felt like he died...coins on a dead person's eyes were supposedly the ferryman's fee for rowing a soul across the river Styx...

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