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View Poll Results: Which other POV would you like to see (besides Mac & JB)?

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  • V'Lane

    14 17.07%
  • Christian MacKeltar

    11 13.41%
  • The Lord Master

    11 13.41%
  • Queen A

    7 8.54%
  • The Dark King

    7 8.54%
  • Fiona

    7 8.54%
  • Ryodan

    21 25.61%
  • Inspector Jane

    0 0%
  • Cian

    4 4.88%
  • McCabe (from Casa Blanc in DF)

    0 0%
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Thread: Which POV would you like to see (besides Mac's)

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    Default Which POV would you like to see (besides Mac's)

    KMM has said that at some point the fever series might dive into another POV besides that of Mac. If that were to happen, with which character would you most like to get into their head? I'm going to assume that we all want JB's perspective, so I'm going to do this poll without JB included! So the question is - which OTHER minor character would it be?

    (I goofed and left off some names on the poll. I'm sorry! If you already voted, could you please vote again? We already got some great responses from V.P. and Miss Lulu!)

    Oh - and I forgot to include Rowena in the list! If you would like to cast a vote for her, just say so in a message.
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