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Thread: Saw this on another post and thought it might be fun...

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    Default Saw this on another post and thought it might be fun...

    8 random facts about me

    1. I only eat round food in even numbers.

    2. I was a Cub Scout Leader for 13 years. (What can I say - I have three boys) :happy0158:

    3. I hate, hate, hate being called "Michelle". There is absolutely nothing wrong with that name - it is a very nice name - it just IS NOT my name.

    4. I count steps - I have 13 in my house, I know ecause I hve counted them several times a day - every day for the last 16 years.

    5. I was a florist for 10 years.

    6. All of my children were born on Tuesday. All three boys were born in the 1:00 hour, 4 days before a holiday (Valentine's Day, Halloween & Easter) my daughter was born on the holiday (Valentine's Day) in the 3:00 hour.

    7.My grandfather was at Alcatraz during the time of the escape. (He was a warden - not a prisioner!)

    8. I have been to 30 states and 3 countries (Germany, Austria & Mexico). Next month I will add Idaho and Oregon to my visited list.

    Be sure to add your random facts - you never know what we might learn about each other!

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    Quote Originally Posted by melissa View Post
    4. I count steps - I have 13 in my house, I know ecause I hve counted them several times a day - every day for the last 16 years.
    OMG, I thought only I did that, lol.

    Okay here are my random facts:

    1. I TOO am a step counter, lol. The steps in my house are in groups numbered 5 - landing - 6 - landing - 3 if I am going downstairs. It drives my DH nuts because I run downstairs at night in the pitch black (he's afraid I'm going to fall).

    2. My second son's name, Grant, was picked because it DID NOT end in an N. (Almost all of his cousins have names that end in N: Adin, Evan, Cayden, Madison, Gavin)

    3. I was valedictorian of my HS class (it's not that big of an accomplishment - hold your applause - there were only about 28 people in my graduating class).

    4. I met my DH in highschool. He was two classes below me. We dated for 5 years (while I finished college) before we married.

    5. My oldest son (who is 7) knows more about bugs than anyone I have met. He recently found and Identified an Ichneumon wasp on the tree in front of our house.

    6. I have 3 siblings. My brothers are 7 and 9 years older than me and my sister is 11 years older than me.

    7. I have windchimes hanging in nearly every window in my house.

    8. As a kid I used to get stung every summer due to my aversion to wearing shoes and the abundant amount of clover growing around my parent's house.
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    1. On the way to the hospital to give birth to my 2nd daughter, my DH and I saw a shooting star.

    2. My maiden name is Hightower and I hated it when people would ask me if I was related to the guy on Police Academy....um, that was a movie and the guy was black...

    3. My favorite place to eat is the Olive Garden for pasta.

    4. DH most hated place to eat is...Olive Garden.

    5. I eat a salad from Pluto's almost everyday for lunch!

    6. It bothers me that most men LOVE Asian women...is it because they're small? If it is, then that really bothers me cause then they look like children.

    7. One of my biggest fears is having a daughter that's 12 but looks like she's 18. Oh, wait...I'm shaking in my boots right now!

    8. I LOVE MEN IN KILTS!!!! but I'm sure you already knew that. :)
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    This is a great thread Melissa!

    1. I have the same birthday (not same year) as JFK.

    2. I have managed to become a Volunteer aholoic.

    3. I met my DH when I was in high school and he was in the Army. My mom was not happy until she met him.

    4. My mother told me the day she met my DH that he was the one I would marry.

    5. I spend entirely to much time on the computer, if you can not tell by my 600 some odd posts.

    6. You can tell my DH's deployments by our children. Josh DH left to go to Bosnia, Hannah, DH mid tour diversion from Iraq, he went back and told them mission accomplished LOL.

    7. If I start something I have to finish it, otherwise it will drive me insane and I can't sleep.

    8. I like to cross country ski.
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    1. I'm the middle child.
    2. I've won $1,000 off the radio twice!
    3. I share a birthday with George Lucas!
    4. I think I've been to Walt Disney World at least 15 times. (Lost count)
    5. I'm going to marry Gerry Butler one day.
    6. I'm a dreamer. (See #5)
    7. When 6 or 7 years old, I saw a ghost (Patrick) from the Renaissance Era smoothing the covers at the end of the bed.
    8. I LOVE photography, scrapbooking, and interior decorating. (Enjoyed PhotoShop until this week).


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    This is a neat idea for a thread!

    1. I've been reading since I was 2 1/2 years old.
    2. I graduated from high school on my 18th birthday.
    3. I share a birthday with Sir Paul McCartney.
    4. I've never been to NYC (until Thursday, anyway!!!)
    5. I'm the oldest of 4.
    6. My son's middle name, Copeland, is DH's grandfather's middle name.
    7. I have a brother that is a police officer.
    8. I'm double-jointed in some areas (didn't know this until I started yoga!)
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    I love this idea Melissa!

    1. I met most of my best friends through RBL Romantica.

    2. I come from a family of 9 kids (second oldest) and it went boy/girl all the way down. I was always hoping the girls would take over and we never did, LOL.

    3. I won a trip to Vegas and a KISS concert from the radio. I wanted to sell the KISS tickets but my friend wanted to check it out. We stayed for 2 songs. Wish I would have sold them.

    4. I jumped onstage at a Rick Springfield concert and wouldn't leave until I got to hug him.

    5. I have a habit of rubbing my head, it started when I got a bad perm and it broke my hair and I used to rub the broken ends, LOL.

    6. I was a contestant on Soap Talk during one of their game segments. I won.

    7. I have more confidence in myself and my body then when I was 20 and had a better body. I didn't enjoy my body then, I do now.

    8. The reason I got out of the Army was because I hated running so much.
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    All these posts have cracked me up!

    My turn:

    1. I've never gotten a speeding ticket.

    2. I'm a terrible speller.

    3. I bit my nails until recently, now I'm addicted to nail polish!

    4. I would rather go fishing than shopping. (weird-I know!)

    5. I always wear a bra. Unless, of course, I'm taking a shower or having sex!

    6. I Always gain 10-20lbs every summer(last 5 years) then spend all winter going to the gym(kids are in school) trying to lose it.

    7. No matter what haircut I get I always fall back into the same old style.

    8. Haven't changed my weight on my drivers license since I was 16.....I'm sooooooo breaking the law!

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    1 I want to be married before I'm 25. (Good luck!)

    2 I've only had 1 serious relationship which ended.

    3 When I get sad or depressed I read.

    4 I love dogs

    5 Two of my favorite movies are Casino Royal and Ever After

    6 I'm allergic to ginger bread cookies

    7 I want to buy a 1970 OR 1971 'Cuda in Plum Crazy

    8 I'm a history major:happy0158:
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    This is always fun, you learn such neat things about people! I did a "100 things" on my website...I'll try to think of different random things here...

    1. Fluorescent lighting gives me headaches (as a kid, I used to hate Kmart because of this).
    2. I'm afraid of escalators; whenever possible, I'll take the stairs.
    3. I don't really like cake, and have never liked frosting.
    4. I do, however, LOVE brownies, and eating the right one - still warm from the oven, can be so good it's almost sexual.
    5. I love the smell of burning leaves on the crisp fall air.
    6. Once, when I was drunk while camping, I discovered a new way to pee without taking off my jeans.
    7. As a kid, I had nightmares that I got locked in the mall, and headless mannequins would come to life and stalk me.
    8. My husband is convinced if we conceive again, it will be red-headed twin boys, whom he will insist on naming Fred & George.
    9. I just turned 30 and decided that when I turn 40 - I'm buying myself a black jeep, and when I turn 80 - I'm wearing a mumu and going to Baker's Square to try to eat a slice of every kind of pie they have.
    10. I like to read my daughter the Charlie&Lola books using British accents.
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