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once you write in here go to the Advanced tab and then it will show where you can post pics.
I just dont see many of the guys on here as being tall dark and mysterious at all, Christian Bale is just a normal white guy to me. But if you have some pics please post! I'm always more then happy to change my opinion!
As for Older then Dirt opps Oden Fher, ladies come on he cant play a guy that looks 30 without a lot of makeup and movie effects. Mac supposed to be early 20's and I'm 27 and I have to tell you if he came up to me in a bar or in public and started talking to me I would not like that at all and think that he was way to old. There is an age range you know that most people stay within. Honestly at 27 I dont think I would talk to a man that was more then 10 years my senior so I dont see how some ladies think that Mac at 22/23 would find a man that old appealing. Thats just me though.
When they first met, Mac's first impression was how he's not her type. He was so opposite of her "boy-toy" type that she said he would have never been someone that she would date. That's who he needs to be. In my mind, I see someone more worldly, cultured, with a dark bad-ass, don't get-in-my-way attitude. Oded Fehr would make a perfect candidate, he's got the closest look about him and right mentality. Younger than father-type, but older/more mature than her type.